How's it going? I hope - well! Lately, I've been busy taking care of existing clients, onboarding a couple new ones and enjoying the blooming crabapple trees. I was reminded by Michael Katz's cute book The Likeable Expert how important it is to send newsletters on a regular basis to your world. I thought I'd share with you what that looks like on my end.
I'm a big fan of sending word to your family and friends - and that's what newsletter #1 is - it is a note that I sent to family and friends about beginning to use the phrase " I'm with Her " again to back female political candidates. I'm pleased with the feedback I got which helped me hone my message.

Newsletter #2 was an invitation to a voting party at my house. Here's where list segmentation comes into play. This newsletter went only to my Portland friends' list - so that's why the open rate is high.

Newsletter #3 is a note I sent to people who have cancelled their Constant Contact accounts - Here I'm checking in to see how they're doing.

Newsletter #4 is a note to people (mostly who live in Portland) about an action they can take to encourage our City Council to fund a program to take care of street trees. Again, a pretty nice open rate and the engagement on this one was even higher when I shared it via social media to our FB group on this topic and via

Newsletter #5 not featured in this image - see below ***

Hopefully this gives you some ideas of ways you might use email newsletters and list segmentation. There was also a survey that went out. This is just one screenshot of recent newsletters I've sent - not showing the autoresponder series that I have set up which travels on its own time to various lists. This does take time and effort - but it's a very effective way to reach out to people.

I hope you find this useful.

Any questions, any answers?

Take care, happy Spring


Albert Kaufman

I'm with Her