October 2014

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Refugee Arrivals Have Almost Tripled.
Here's How You Can Help.

In an average year, Opening Doors resettles around 145 refugees. This year, we resettled 373. With our arrivals more than doubling, we increased our staff, intern, and volunteer force to meet the needs of new refugees. But what has caused such a sudden increase? Where are these refugees coming from, and why are they coming to Sacramento? Continue reading for answers to these questions, and learn how you can help.


Meet Estela Aguilar:

Mother and Entrepreneur

Estela is a talented jeweler and astute entrepreneur. She designs and crafts intricate jewelry for quincea´┐Żeras, weddings, and other special events, and her lucrative small business supports her and her two children. However, Estela's success did not come easy. Opening Doors provided Estela with the foundation knowledge she needed to start a small business, an accomplishment that helped her to leave her abusive husband. Read about Estela's journey.



5 Things You Didn't Know About Immigration
Ask Opening Doors


With the influx of children entering the U.S. from Central America, immigration has been on everyone's mind lately. Many discussions and policies try to address the issue, but immigration can be a complex and nuanced affair. We did some research and pulled some interesting facts that relate to the work we do with immigrants at Opening Doors. 


How much do you know about immigration?

These five facts might surprise you!



At Opening Doors, we enjoy sharing the changes brought about by the generosity and hard work of our supporters, clients, and staff. Victories like the ones reported this month have a positive impact in our community and in our clients' lives. Thank you for sharing in our joy!


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