August 3, 2023

Flowers from the Plackett's Yard here in Kailua Kona!

Happy Summer!

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Featured Business of the Month

Pink Limo Kona!

Making Memories You Can Tuck in Your Heart

On the big island here in Kona, we have a great new business – Pink Limo Kona!

Featuring a beautiful PINK Limousine – this Service is awesome! You can explore the Big Island, make it a part of your wedding memories, meet or drop off someone special at the airport or have a princess party ---- they have lots of possibilities that can be accustomed to your wishes!

Take you to dinner at one of Big Island’s many fabulous restaurants?

A spa day with friends at one of the beautiful resorts

on the Kona Coast?

Right now they are offering a “Pink Go” Barbie Watching Tour! 

How cool!!

And are now offering their W.I.N.O.S. tours – an option for Women in Need of Substance! Where women in all fields of professional occupations can come together and enjoy the company of other women with no agenda but to have some fun and make new friendships over some fine wine!

Founder and CEO, Julia Hutton began Pink Limo Kona two years ago, when she spotted the limo on Memorial Day 2020 while shopping for “unusual vehicles” in Hilo. It is a 2008 Chrysler 300 with a Bentley Grill and she nicknamed it “Pink Go”.

Their website is and you can find them on Instagram here.

On their website their Tour Choices are shown, which includes the Kona Pub Crawl Tour - $250 per person, this is a 5-6 hour tour taking you to some of Kona’s local dives and famous hotspots w/some great views, while sipping on some tasty cocktails and appetizers – check it out!


10 Resources for Launching a Business With Low Overhead

Article by Chelsea Lamb - Our Guest Newsletter Contributor

Your savings account balance is lower than you’d like - yet you’ve been daydreaming about launching your own business for as long as you can remember, and you don’t want to keep putting off your plans. But if you’re truly committed, launching a business on a small budget is absolutely possible.Here’s how to fix your credit score for loan applications, get started with social media marketing, and more!

Map Out Your Plans


Don’t dive into entrepreneurship blindly - instead, carefully define your plans so that you can identify opportunities to cut costs.


    You only need minimal cash to build a business centered around one of these products or services.


    By creating a strict budget, you can keep your spending in check.

If you can’t tackle your business launch to-do list on your own, hire contractors rather than employees to save

Obtain the Funding You Need


Even if you’re short on personal capital, you can look to other funding sources.


    Research business grants that you might qualify for, and start sending out applications.

    Do you plan to apply for loans? First, make sure your credit score is high enough.

    If grants or loans aren’t a good fit for your needs, consider seeking out business investors.

    Get your family and friends invested in your plans through crowdfunding!


Business Promotion on a Budget


The internet has opened up countless low-cost - and free - marketing channels for new business owners.


    Create social media accounts for your business - it won’t cost a penny!

    Purchase a domain name and build a website for your company.

    Publish a company blog on your website for content marketing purposes.


Anyone with a strong work ethic and a flair for customer service can become an entrepreneur - regardless of the amount of cash you have on hand. There are plenty of avenues to business ownership, even if you’re on a budget. With these tips, you’ll be prepared to increase your credit score, apply for grants, and advertise your business without spending big.


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We are Creating

Check out the businesses that have recently joined our Business Card Slide Show! They include:

Lucy Clark - Mobile Notary Public

Dede - Lift/Uber Driver

Christine and David Reed

Petroglyth Press and Basically Books in Hilo

Mary Jane Kaipaka with Aloha Nail Company

and Kimmy Gay - with Party Clown

All these businesses are right here on The Big Island!

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