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A great photo of one of our many Hawaiian Sea Turtles (honu)

from one of our favorite speakers and entertainers here on the Big Island, Laura Reid!

Read our article below to bring you current with

Laura Co-Hosting The Backstory Podcast!

 Featured Business of the Month:

Pre-Owned Motor Cars - John Caudell -Owner

Mark and I had the pleasure of meeting John Caudell in July this year and what a delight it was to get acquainted with John! Mark met him on a flight from Honolulu to Kailua Kona and we wanted to give John and his company, Pre-Owned Motor Cars a shout-out.

John and his wife Hiromi established Pre-Owned Motor Cars here in Kailua Kona in 1995 and since then, the husband and wife team have had a mission to establish a reputation of honesty, integrity and selling cars with Aloha! 

Their dealership is located at 75-5721 Kuakini Highway here in Kailua Kona --- it is the highest rated dealership on the Island yet they work harder year after year to make their customer’s experience better and their process smoother. They have a quality service center at their location and offer service for all vehicle makes and models.


John also heads up the non-profit, Hawaii Independent Auto Dealers Association and has networked across the state assisting new dealerships get established in Hawaii.

You’ll find John’s business card on our slide show at

If you are in the market for a car – we encourage you to introduce yourself to John and Pre-Owned Motor Cars!


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Laura Reid and Cain Kamano host

The Backstory Podcast

every Monday at 10am Hawaii time.

They’ve interviewed World Champions of Public Speaking, Actors, Writers and Leaders in the field of communication and storytelling. They’re both award-winning speakers, stand-up comics, presentation coaches and share a passion for teaching others the power of story.

You can find their podcasts on

Laura's FB - connect here

Laura's Instagram - connect here

Time-Saving Types of App Every Small Business Owner Should Use


This great informative article was written by our guest contributor, Chelsea Lamb!

Chelsea can be contacted at

Technology has been a game-changer for small business owners and other entrepreneurs. This is nothing new, of course: technological innovation has always influenced business development and vice versa. But one thing that has altered the entire terrain of business today is the ready availability of apps and other tools that allow small business owners to be more efficient and productive while also getting more free time to themselves. Plackett Enterprises LLC presents some of the apps you ought to be using in your business, to make the most of your time and keep processes running smoothly.

Communication apps.

Communication, both internally and externally, is key for the success of your business. So don’t rely on outmoded methods to keep your teams connected, or to keep customers up to date. Look into apps like Slack, Skype, and Zoom, that can facilitate rapid and efficient communication, especially if you’re collaborating with remote workers. You can also use Google docs for easy and free collaboration with multiple parties if you’re all working on the same project or need to access the same information.

Accounting and finance apps.

Trying to keep up with your business accounts the old-fashioned way is an exercise in frustration. And it can suck up nearly all your time. So, save yourself some time and some headaches by utilizing apps that will help keep up with the financial side of your business for you. Look for apps like QuickBooks or Xero that can be used easily on different devices and be tailored to your company’s needs. This can make an enormous difference not only in time management: apps will help you avoid making costly errors that could get your company into trouble.

Time tracking apps.

Tracking your and your employees’ hours is important for a variety of reasons, including managing payroll and tracking project efficiency. While it’s important to respect your employees’ privacy and autonomy, and not use tracking apps to violate that, nevertheless, your team members will probably prefer to have access to these tools, as an alternative to the nuisance of trying to track and log their own time. It will save time and annoyance for everyone.

Payment management apps.

Whether you are running an online store or not, so much payment happens online these days, you can’t afford not to have apps to help manage payments, whether someone is buying from you, or you are buying from someone else. A good payment managing app will also help you with your budgeting, accounting, and payroll. It can also help you manage lists of vendors or clients.

Cybersecurity apps.

Cybersecurity is a hot topic for entrepreneurs and pretty much everyone else these days. So if you want your small business to be trusted, and taken seriously, you need to invest in it. Cybersecurity applications like Wireshark or Nmap will help you monitor suspicious activity and audit your system’s security. You can also use an app like LastPass when you need to manage passwords safely and securely.

Mobile scanning apps.

Copying, recording, sending, and saving information happens all the time in business. And it takes up a lot of time, as well. You can streamline these processes and also keep data organized if you make a habit of using a mobile scanning app that will allow you to scan documents or images with your device, then send them or store them as needed. Adobe Scan, Genius Scan, and Microsoft Office Lens are all great choices for a small business owner.

The more you tap into technology for your business practices, the more comfortable you will get with it. And hopefully, you will find your company running more smoothly, with less stress for yourself. 

Plackett Enterprises is collaborating with

The Whole Business Woman Academy and

The Ladies Artisan Market (LAM)

throughout 2022 to introduce the many women owned businesses here on

The Big Island and throughout the Islands to

The Whole Business Woman Academy and

The Ladies Artisan Market (LAM)


Aesha Shapiro is the founder of The Whole Business Woman Academy (WBWA) as well as the FB Group,

The Ladies Artisan Market ---

To get an understanding of

The Whole Business Woman Academy

[And a good place to meet Aesha]

Click Here to go to her website

Plackett Enterprises is building a page on it's website and that will be posted shortly - with details on the Academy and how you can learn more about the programs being presented in 2023.

Enrollment for the 2023 Academy will be in November, 2022

and details will be on our website and an article in our October Newsletter!

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