Here's the Deal
(October '20 Micro News)
Have you ever wondered what people 100's of years down the road will think if they see a picture of our church in the park - with a cross, prayer flags, and multi-color, painted acrylic dogs appearing to guard the Gazebo?
Worship @ the Gazebo This Sunday @ 10:00 a.m.
Rev. Sean Miller, preaching
Music by the Trulio / Hasty / Wasserman Trio
* * * * *
Also, Walker and Grace say "thanks for staying safe outdoors!" to everyone for wearing a mask while we worship in the Village Green each Sunday
OK, Here's the Deal...
RE: October Worship
* * * * *
We plan to hold outdoor worship services at the Gazebo through the end of October @ 10:00 am each week. If the weather is inclement, we will send an email early (prior to 8:00 am) on Sunday morning. Think good thoughts that Mother Nature cooperates as we stretch our outdoor season. Also, we will announce later this month our worship plans for November & beyond.
Weekly Wellness With Dr. Matt Dewar
This Monday @ 6:00 p.m.
RSVP with Matt HERE
The 1st Community Church Scavenger Hunt
October 18
The Hunt begins at the Church office - 117 Scranton Ave.
(start time to be announced next Sunday)
This can be a team hunt or individual hunt!
Prizes awarded on number of correct answers you find;
search area will be Lake Bluff & Lake Forest
Questions? Email John Corrigan
THIS MONDAY @ 10:00 am
The Church Directory Supplement
ONE Week Remains
* * * * *
The Community Church & Friends Pictorial Directory has been published. Those of you who participated in the Directory by giving us contact info and (in most cases) a picture should have received your hard copy by now. If not, email Pam.
* * * *
Now, because (1) we have a bunch of new folks in the church, (2) some who wanted to be in the Directory but never got around to it, and (3) and a couple additions we'd like to make, we are going to publish a mini-supplement! If you'd like to participate - and we are doing this all between now and October 15 at which time we will take what we have, print the supplement and distribute - contact Pam. Please remember to send a digital picture to Pam!
Last Call...A Couple of Thoughts From Tom
* * * * *
This week we began filming for "A Spirited Take" - the YouTube and Facebook show where Matt Dewar, Sean Miller and I discuss important matters of Life, Faith & Spiritual Practice. All I can tell you was that it was spirited - but not particularly successful! The problem? As the producer and host of the show, I overthought things. Like WAY WAY WAY overthought everything! As a result, our conversations were less than natural, and beyond a few hilarious outtakes, there's not much footage worth seeing. We're not even close to giving up, though, and we'll be giving "A Spirited Take" a "Second Take" very soon!
My overthinking our first show brings to mind a quote from Beth Frates, MD that was on our Twitter page #ASpiritedTake this week:
"When we overanalyze a situation
until we find an issue,
and then we blow that up - we create chaos.
Overthinking steals our joy.
It can drain us - body - mind - soul.
Let's try to focus
on the beauty + goodness we see today
and blow that up!"

*.* * * *
Second, I was scheduled to preach this week but am instead about to board a plane to Florida, where my sister Sue is battling cancer. How grateful I am for Sean stepping in to lead and preach at Sunday's service as well as provide leadership on additional projects. And, I am so appreciative of your thoughts and prayers for Sue. Thank you. Peace...TD