Dallas Afterschool Collaborates to Make a New Program Possible in Pleasant Grove
Last year, Dallas Afterschool commissioned a study by [bc] Workshop to identify the highest-priority neighborhoods for afterschool expansion. Among the highest was Pleasant Grove, where there are only enough afterschool seats to meet 4% of the need.

After sharing results of this study at an event last summer, Texas Women's Foundation partnered with Dallas Afterschool and provided funding for a new program in Pleasant Grove. Their primary motivation to help stemmed from the fact that free and low-cost afterschool programs can significantly impact single mothers' economic stability and ability to work.

After funding was secured, a grant review process began. Applications were reviewed by committee and Camp Fire Lone Star was awarded a 3-year grant to create and run the new afterschool program in Pleasant Grove.

Shortly after work began to scout locations, our team encountered many barriers. That's when Councilmember Callahan and Pleasant Grove Now stepped in to help. Finally, as a result of collaboration and hard work, a new afterschool program is in place at Pleasant Grove Elementary. Our partners were all on hand recently to celebrate and see the new program in action. Many thanks to all who helped make this possible!
Check Presented at Annual Holiday Party

We were thrilled when our friends at JCPenney invited us to their headquarters in Plano to take part in their annual holiday celebration. Our team enjoyed the luau theme and inspired curiosity in JC Penney team members with a Lunar Landers Wonder Kit.

The JC Penney team then presented Dallas Afterschool with a generous donation in honor of our work in the community.
Christina K. Hanger
Happy New Year!

Looking back on 2018, I can't help but be thankful. Dallas Afterschool is fortunate to have so many passionate partners and collaborators that believe in the value of quality afterschool. Our team does incredible work each day to ensure students are safe and have access to quality programs. Our board and advisory council remain engaged and provide extraordinary leadership. And, of course, our donors and sponsors continue to provide the very generous support that makes our work possible.

Thank you for being part of the Dallas Afterschool family. We look forward to doing more great things together in 2019!
Get Involved
Want to make a positive impact while making new friends? Are you between the ages of 22 and 35?

Our Young Professionals (YP) Group wants YOU to join us! We are in the process of planning our 2019 events and volunteer projects. Get involved and share your ideas!

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events!

  • Thursday, February 21: Happy Hour & Membership Drive
  • Saturday, March 2: Read Across America Service event
  • Friday, March 22: RECESS! (discounted tickets for YP members)
  • Sunday, April 14: Sessions Pilates fundraiser
A New Resource for Certified Program Partners
After working with a donor on virtual reality (VR) for the past two summers, Dallas Afterschool has expanded our VR library. As a result, we are offering a new benefit to certified program partners. VR kits are now available to checkout for up to two weeks at a time. Our team provides training on the use and care of VR kits as well as creative ways to integrate them into curriculum.

This exciting new resource encourages creativity in afterschool professionals while reinforcing literacy, history and science lessons for students. VR helps break down barriers and creates an experiential learning environment for children that fosters greater exploration in a variety of topics. Instead of simply reading about ancient civilizations and famous landmarks, students can now visit them. They can also tour college campuses without leaving the classroom!

Dallas Afterschool is pleased to offer this new benefit to our certified partners, all of which have demonstrated a commitment to high quality programming. This new tool will enhance the afterschool environment while giving students access to new technology that will be vital for their future education and careers.