Utah State Bar August eBulletin
Convention Kicks Off New Bar Year
What a great convention we had in Sun Valley! It was nice to gather in person once again, to see old friends and meet new ones, and to discuss the exciting changes taking place in the practice of law in Utah and at the Bar. Hopefully you had a chance to join us either in person or online.

Thanks to the convention co-chairs, Judge Laura Scott and Jaelynn Jenkins. The planning committee consisted of Jonathan Hafen, Lara Swensen, Lori Seppi, Nicholas Frandsen, Brian Porter, Andrew Lillywhite, Hannah Follender, Jonathan Hanks,  Quinn Sperry, Jason Groth,  Tyler Foutz, Trevor Bradford, Jared Braithwaite, Christian Clinger, Benjamin Onofrio, Brant Christiansen, Derek Julio, Blaine Rawson, Michael Garrett, Karla Block, Megan Smith, Joseph Brubaker, Nathan Nielson, Erik Strindberg, Ben Lear, Catherine Lake, Jeffrey Enquist, Matthew Bell, Erik Christiansen, J. Ed Christiansen, Blake Voorhees, Tonya Wright, Eric Robinson, Bradley Jacobsen, Clayton Simms and Peter Smyth.

Presenters included Judge Samuel Alba, Kristen Angelos, Cherise Bacalski, Carson Bagley, Tanner Bean, Stacy bernal,  Kathryn Bond Stockton, Troy Booher, Carrie Boren, Chief Judge Michele Christiansen-Forster, Matt Connors, Kate Conyers, Leslie Culver, Rustin Diehl, Sharon Donovan, Chief Justice Matthew Durrant, Heather Farnsworth, Jonathan Hafen, Judge Royal Hansen, David Hirschi, Dean Elizabeth Kronk Warner, Judge Clemens Landau, Judge Barry Lawrence, Justice Thomas Lee, Maribeth LeHoux, Elaina Maragakis, Melissa Moeinvaziri, Andrew Morse, Stephen Nelson, Shawn Newell, Langdon Owen, Tyra Patterson, Justice John Pearce, Leonor Perretta, Justice Paige Petersen, Associate Chief Judge Jill Pohlman, Kayla Quam, G. Christopher Ritter, David Read, Judge Todd Shaughnessy, Chief Judge Robert Shelby, Dean Gordon Smith, Dr. William Smith, Quinn Sperry, Erik Strindberg, Tyler Whitacre, Jeanetta Williams, Stewart Young, Heather White, and Alyssa Williams. Special thanks also to the bar CLE staff, Michelle Oldroyd, Lydia Kane and Carli Castanares. 

There have been several notable changes with staff at the Bar the last few months.  Joni Seko, the Bar’s Deputy General Counsel for Admissions for the past 30 years, and her husband Stephen Seko, left to pursue other opportunities. Richard “the man with the bell” Dibblee, the Assistant Executive Director, retires at the end of August. Carrie Boren, the NLTP Director, will head up Admissions.  Rob Jepson, the Bar’s Access to Justice Director resigned and Pamela Beatse has taken over.  Elizabeth Wright has assumed the position of Executive Director, replacing John Baldwin.  Nancy Sylvester, whom many of you know from her work at the Administrative Office of the Courts is the Bar’s new General Counsel.   

I look forward to the ongoing work with the Bar Commission to bring about necessary change and in addressing the challenges of the coming year.  I welcome you to reach out the Commission. We are still working on making liaison assignments for the Commission, but the members and their terms are:

--Katie Woods, President-elect, term ends July 2022
--Marty Moore, First Division, term ends July 2023
--John Bradley, Second Division, term ends July 2022
--Michelle Quist, Third Division, term ends July 2022
--Traci Gundersen, Third Division, term ends July 2023
--Mark Morris, Third Division, term ends July 2023
--Andrew Morse, Third Division, term ends July 2023
--Chrystal Mancuso-Smith, Third Division, term ends July 2024
--Gregory Hoole, Third Division, term ends July 2024
--Tyler Young, Fourth Division, term ends July 2024
--Rick Hoffman, Public Member, term ends July 2023
--Shawn Newell, Public Member, term ends July 2023

Ex-officio members include Heather Farnsworth, Immediate Past President;  Nate Alder, Bar Member’s Delegate to the ABA; Kim Cordova, Bar’s Representative to the ABA; Erik Christiansen, Bar Representative to the ABA; Camila Moreno, Young Lawyers Delegate to the ABA; Dean D. Gordon Smith, J. Reuben Clark College of Law; Dean Elizabeth Kronk Warner, S.J. Quinney College of Law; Amy Fowler, LGBT & Allied Lawyers of Utah Representative; Ramzi Hamady, Minority Bar Association Representative; Kim Neville, Women Lawyers of Utah Representative; Margaret Plane, Judicial Council Representative; Tonya Wright, Paralegal Division Representative; and Nick Stiles, Supreme Court Liaison. I am thankful for the Commission for their hours of service and true desire to improve our Bar. There is much work to be done. 

I am grateful to serve as your President and look forward to seeing you at upcoming events, including the monthly Bar Review functions that will restart in September (Alta Club 9/7 from 5:30- 7pm) as well as the annual Litigation Section Judicial Excellence CLE and Shenanigans in Moab on October 15-16.  If you have not yet signed up, there is still time!  
New Bar Officers Sworn in at Summer Convention in Sun Valley
The Utah State Bar has a new president, president-elect and two new commissioners.

Heather Thuet was sworn in as Bar President for 2021-22, with Katie Woods as President-elect. Greg Hoole was sworn in as 3rd Division Commissioner, with Tyler Young as 4th Division Commissioner. Thuet and Woods will serve one year terms, while Hoole and Young serve three years. Katie will also serve as Fifth Division commissioner for one more year.

Bar elections take place each spring, and the winners are sworn in at the Bar's Summer Convention in July. (Photo courtesy of Kate Conyers)
Utah Bar Foundation Donations to Legal Services Exceed $645,000
The Utah Bar Foundation donated more than $645,000 to legal services to the needy, even as the pandemic caused a significant reduction in revenues, according to Judge Royal Hansen, chair of the Bar Foundation Committee.

The Foundation is committed to funding legal services for the poor, disabled, and providing funds for law-related education.

You can learn more about the Utah Bar Foundation by visiting the foundation's website.
The Bell Tolls a Final Time for Richard "The Bell Man" Dibblee at the Bar's Summer Convention
The Richard Dibblee, the Bar's Associate Executive Director, will be following John Baldwin into retirement September 2.

Richard and John served the Bar for more than 30 years. Richard gained notoriety for keeping convention speakers on schedule and for calling convention participants into session with his brass bell.

However, most of Richard's contributions to the Bar went largely unnoticed by members. He oversaw conventions, Bar events, Bar programs, and was instrumental in determining and implementing the strategies of the Executive Director and the Bar Commission.

Richard's farewell remarks stayed within the allotted time. Did you expect anything less?
Utah State Bar Offers Guidance on Cybersecurity Responsibilities
The Utah State Bar has issued guidance on Cyber Security breaches for law firms.

Several Utah firms have experienced cyber security attacks this year, both locally and nationally.

With cyber security threats on the rise, and remote work continuing in the wake of the global Covid-19 pandemic, potentially rendering firm security even more tenuous, it’s imperative to ensure your practice is protected from this threat. Additionally, if you have been a victim of such crimes, what are your ethical obligations post-breach? The Bar's guidance addresses these questions and more.
Annual Online Licensing Must Be Complete by September 1 to Avoid Suspension
The annual Bar licensing renewal process has begun and can be done online only. An email containing the necessary steps to re-license online at https://services.utahbar.org was sent on June 7.
Online renewals and fees submitted after July 31 will be considered late and an additional $100 late fee will be assessed. Your license will be suspended unless the online renewal is completed and payment received by September 1. Renewal after suspension for non-payment will require an additional $200 reinstatement fee.
To receive support for your online licensing transaction, please contact us either by email to onlinesupport@utahbar.org or, call 801-297-7021 .
Have You Checked Out Beneplace's Member Benefit Offerings?
For many years, the Utah State Bar has partnered with Beneplace Employee Discount Services to provide Bar members with discounts on everything from travel to new car purchases. You can learn more about this great service by watching this video.

Additionally, the Utah State Bar has organized a Marketplace consisting of vendors offering services to Bar Licensees. These services are designed to help you in your practice. If you have questions or need additional information, please visit the Marketplace or contact the Utah State Bar.