Utah State Bar January eBulletin
New Year, New Mantra for Members of the Utah State Bar: Go Easy on Yourself
It’s that time of year.  The time we reflect upon the past year and most of us create a list of resolutions, carefully crafted only to be broken by the month’s end.  Some set achievable goals and actually follow through, some set an intention for the year, while others create a detailed plan for the months ahead.  Regardless of your new year ritual, the annual reminder to take stock can be an opportunity. 

2020 was a year like no other.  As Utahns, in addition to the pandemic, we faced earthquakes, hurricane winds, and unprecedented local civil unrest.  We all had to learn a new way to work and work-life balance took on a whole new meaning.  Many of us were forced to adapt to new technologies, new rules, and new ways of juggling our kid’s home-school with our zoom conference with our dog barking away in the background.  Collectively, we all grieved a loss of plans, yearly traditions, and comforts, and many faced far greater personal losses.  

Now at the outset of 2021, while we scrutinize ourselves in the name of self-improvement, I ask one thing of you:  go easy on yourself.  

In November, we circulated a link to the results of a survey the Bar conducted of its members. The purpose of this survey was to understand legal trends from a perspective of Bar members; compile feedback about demographics, economics, job satisfaction and advertising, with an emphasis on work/life balance and diversity and inclusion; to discover ways to improve service offerings to Bar members; and to compare results from the 2011 survey to see how things have changed.

This survey was conducted pre-covid, pre-earthquake, pre-2020 insanity.  Yet, of the more than 3,000 Bar members that responded, nearly half indicated that lawyers are more likely to have work-related stress as compared to other highly educated or trained individuals who have responsibility for others’ safety, financial, medical, or legal welfare. (https://www.utahbar.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Bar-Survey.pdf at page 52). However, only 19 percent of respondents indicate they have sought out services for work-related stress in the past two years. (Id. at 158). So, even before the upheaval of the past year, Utah lawyers already felt incredible pressure compounded by a reluctance to seek help.  This is a terrible combination, further fueled by the busier is better culture of lawyers.  

In 2019 the Utah State Bar, in conjunction with the Supreme Court, established The Well-Being Committee for the Legal Profession (WCLP) to advance the recommendation of The Utah Task Force on Lawyer & Judge Well-Being. For 2021, I’m hoping to push this committee into the forefront. I’ve asked the Bar Commission, in conjunction with the WCLP, to move forward with monthly CLEs focusing on a whole-person approach to lawyering.  

We plan to partner with sections to provide educational opportunities and activities focusing on improving lawyer well-being to create space for ourselves and to foster a culture that encourages healthy coping. Please watch for these opportunities to come.  Further, if you are struggling, please remember the Bar has several resources available including free counseling through Blomquist Hale Counseling Services (801-262-9619), Lawyers Helping Lawyers (801) 793-8572, and information and programs offered through WCLP.
Office of Legal Innovation Responds to Commonly Asked Reform Questions
Utah's Office for Legal Innovation has released answers to some of its most commonly asked questions regarding regulatory reform. The Office continues to receive input from Utah attorneys. Details on the reform process and status can be found on the office website.

Additional approvals this month were:

• Off the Record, a company that "facilitates consumer resolution of traffic citations by connecting consumers to attorneys via software and mobile-based applications."

• Tanner LLC, a Utah accounting firm whose clients ask for legal help and will hire a Utah-licensed attorney to offer legal services alongside its accounting services.

• Sudbury Consulting/Code for America, which will collaborate to produce a technological solution "to help people with criminal records access their
criminal history, understand what it means, learn whether they have been
impacted by Utah’s Clean Slate law, and whether they might be eligible for petition-based expungement under Utah law."
Nationwide Search for Executive Director Continues Through February
The Bar's nationwide search to replace Executive Director John Baldwin continues through February. The position is responsible for all operations of the Utah State Bar, under the direction of the Bar President and commissioners. Applications are due February 28, 2021. More details and application instructions can be found here.
Nominations Open for Bar Third, Fourth and Fifth Division Commissioners
Nominations to the office of Bar Commissioner are hereby solicited for:
Two members in the Third Division (Salt Lake, Summit, and Tooele Counties).

One member in the Fourth Division (Utah, Wasatch, Juab, and Millard).

One member in the Fifth Division (Washington, Iron, Beaver, Sanpete, Sevier,                                Piute, Wayne, Garfield, Kane, Carbon, Emery, Grand, and San Juan Counties).

Each position will serve a three-year term.  Terms will begin in July 2021.  To be eligible for the office of Commissioner from a division, the nominee's business mailing address must be in that division as shown by the records of the Bar.  Applicants must be nominated by a written petition of ten or more members of the Bar in good standing whose business mailing addresses are in the division from which the election is to be held.  Election information and Nominating Petitions are available hereCompleted petitions must be submitted to John Baldwin, Executive Director, no later than February 1, 2021 by 5:00 p.m. 

NOTICE: Balloting will be done electronically. Ballots will be e-mailed on or about April 1 with balloting to be completed on April 15.
If you have any questions concerning this procedure, please contact John C. Baldwin at (801) 531-9077 or at director@utahbar.org.
Well Being Byte: "Woop" it up to Achieve Your New Year's Goals
We've all had the experience of setting new year resolutions that don't last through the first month of the year. Listen to this month's well-being byte to find out a great technique to help you reach your goals for 2021.

And, for more ideas to stay healthy and motivated visit wellbeing.utahbar.org.
Need Some Pro Bono Hours? New Link Lists all Opportunities in One Place
pro bono_ red stamp on a grunge paper texture
Wouldn't it be nice if all the opportunities for Pro Bono hours could be found in one place? Well, now they can! Check out this new link that shows all Pro Bono opportunities on one easy page. Make sure to bookmark the link and check back often.
Fastcase, Casemaker Announce Merger; No Change to Utah State Bar Service
Legal publishers Casemaker and Fastcase today announced their merger and joint building out of legal research and analytics, news, data, and workflow solutions. There will be no change to the current service provided to Utah State Bar members as the merger moves forward.

The two companies will combine their teams and technologies to innovate research, analytics, and workflow offerings that empower lawyers with powerful digital solutions for their clients.
Online Marketplace to Supplement Beneplace's Member Benefit Offerings
The Utah State Bar has organized a Marketplace consisting of vendors offering services to Bar Licensees. These services are designed to help you in your practice. If you have questions or need additional information, please visit the Marketplace or contact the Utah State Bar. 

The Utah State Bar makes no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding any of the providers listed on the Marketplace and assumes no legal liability or responsibility for loss or damage resulting from the use of products or services.