Utah State Bar October eBulletin
The Legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg; New Legal Entities Approved in "Regulatory Sandbox"
I, like many of you, lost a personal hero last month. Justice Ginsburg was a true inspiration and champion for equal rights. Despite her small frame and reserved demeanor, she was a legal giant and cultural icon. She was supremely gracious when she joined us at the Summer Convention in Sun Valley in 2017, and spoke to a packed room. It was there I had the good fortune to meet Justice Ginsburg. Though she was quite bemused when I asked her to autograph my T-shirt, she complied, cementing her rockstar status. She will be greatly missed.

First "Regulatory Sandbox" Applications Approved

The Office of Legal Services Innovation, which has the authority to authorize lawyers and qualified entities to engage in what has traditionally been the practice of law in new, creative ways in the Regulatory Sandbox, has approved five applications to participate in the Sandbox. According to an article in the ABA Journal, The five include:

Rocket Lawyer, an online platform that helps consumers create legal documents and connects them with a network of independent attorneys. The company already serves consumers in Utah, but now will be able to hire staff attorneys directly.

LawHQ: The Salt Lake City law firm plans to offer equity ownership to certain software developers in the firm. LawHQ also plans to offer a software application, called CallerHQ, designed to allow consumers to report spam telephone calls, text messages and voicemails. Consumers signed up through the application may then be joined into a mass tort litigation brought by LawHQ against the spammers.

1Law: This entity plans to provide no-cost and low-cost legal services to assist clients in completing court documents and also offer related legal advice using chatbots, instant messaging, automated interviews, nonlawyer staff and technology-assisted lawyers. 1Law plans to have more than 50% nonlawyer ownership.

LawPal: This entity plans to provide a TurboTax-like technology platform to generate legal documents in contested and uncontested divorce and custody cases, eviction cases and debt-related property seizure cases. It expects to feature 50% nonlawyer ownership. 

• Blue Bee Bankruptcy Law: The sole owner of the firm plans to give his paralegal employee a 10% ownership interest in the firm as an incentive to remain with the firm.

For updates on the regulatory reform process, visit the OLSI website.
Family Law, Debt Collection and Landlord-Tenant Experts Needed for LPP Examination Advisors
The Bar’s LPP Administrator is seeking additional Subject Matter Experts to advise on the content of the following three sections of the LPP licensing exam: family law, debt collection, and landlord-tenant law. 
Under the supervision of both the LPP Administrator and Ergometrics, the test development company contracted to produce the licensing examination, the Subject Matter Expert will evaluate the accuracy of law in a given practice area, using testing rubrics to evaluate the difficulty of a given question, and the practical/applicableness of the content tested. Volunteer Subject Matter Experts can expect the following commitment:

• Evaluate the efficacy of individual sections of the licensing exam on targeted “calls” with LPP Administrator and test-development company (approximately 3 calls over a 2-3 month period);
• Grade LPP examinations based on rubrics provided by test development company; Interested volunteers should email Scotti Hill.
Online Renewal Process Began June 8 with 90-Day Late Fee Extension
The annual Bar licensing renewal process has begun and can be done online only. An email containing the necessary steps to re-license online was sent on June 5. 

To receive support for your online licensing transaction, please contact us either by email or call 801-297-7021. 

License renewal and fees must be submitted and payment received (or postmarked) by October 31 to avoid a late fee. If renewal is not complete and payment received (or postmarked) by November 30, your license will be suspended. 

This one-time extension by 90 days of the deadlines for the assessment of late fees and suspension for non-payment is for this licensing year only.
Recognition is Essential to Employee Engagement and Well-Being
How can you improve employee engagement and well-being? Listen to this month's well-being byte to find out more.
And, for more ideas to stay healthy and motivated during this crazy time visit wellbeing.utahbar.org. Explore this site to learn more about building your well-being, thriving in the practice of law, resources for lawyer assistance, and news about upcoming events and the WCLP's current work. 
Live CLE Requirement Suspended for 2020 and '21 Cycles
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 virus, the cancellation of in-person CLE courses, and the uncertainty as to when in-person courses may resume, the Supreme Court authorized the Board of Continuing Legal Education to suspend the traditional live in-person credit requirement for lawyers reporting in 2020, allowing all required CLE to be fulfilled with online self-study with audio or video presentations, webcasts or computer interactive telephonic programs.  

In addition, compliance deadlines have been extended for the compliance period ending June 30, 2020. Lawyers will have through September 1, 2020 to complete required CLE hours without paying late filing fees and will have through September 15, 2020 to file Certificate of Compliance reports without paying late filing fees.

The Supreme Court also authorized the Board of Continuing Legal Education to suspend the traditional live in-person credit requirement for lawyers reporting in 2021, allowing all required CLE to be fulfilled with online self-study with audio or video presentations, webcasts or computer interactive telephonic programs.  

PLEASE NOTE: The 2020 Compliance Reporting Period Extension does not apply to the 2021 Compliance Reporting Period.
Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission Promotes Informational Website
It’s that time of year again. Your friends and family are asking you how to vote on the judges on their ballot. Tell them what you think! Please also refer them to judges.utah.gov to find independent performance evaluations of all judges on the ballot. The Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission conducts ongoing performance evaluations to enable voters to cast informed votes as well as assist judges in their efforts to improve. Encourage friends and family to #KnowYourJudges and cast an informed vote on judges this November using judges.utah.gov.
Small Business Association Seeks Disaster Relief Attorneys
the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Disaster Assistance. Because of the huge influx of applications from COVID-19 as well as other natural and man-made disasters across the U.S. and its territories, we need people. Our most immediate need is in the Legal arena for attorneys and paralegals. Real estate experience is a plus but not required.
The jobs are full-time but temporary (2 to 6 months), and many of them can be done virtually. The hiring process has been expedited to bring qualified people on board ASAP. To apply, click the links above.
Bar Creates New Online Marketplace to Supplement Beneplace Offerings
The Utah State Bar has organized a new marketplace consisting of offers from vendors offering services to Bar members at special rates. These vendors offer a variety of services designed to help you in your practice, all at discounted rates available only to preferred customers. If you have questions, visit the marketplace or email David Clark.