Utah State Bar February eBulletin
The Bar's Lighthouse Research Project Provides Insight Into Growing a Practice
What do your clients think of you? Why don’t more people hire an attorney to help with some of life’s most difficult challenges? How do people choose an attorney? And why do people think attorneys cost too much?

As you know by now, the Bar contracted last year with Lighthouse Research, a Salt Lake City research firm, to conduct phone surveys and focus groups, of both individual and business clients, to answer some of these very questions. The answers shed light on what we are doing well, and areas that we need to improve. You can read the full reports by logging in  here and John Lund’s summary in the May/June 2018 issue of the Bar Journal  here .

If you have not yet read the reports and summaries it will be worth your time to do so. Not surprisingly, most potential clients believe attorneys are too expensive, but it is not the hourly rate that causes the most concern. For example, respondents value an initial hour of an attorney’s time for a divorce case at more than $500. But they are afraid of the total cost of the matter; the open-ended nature of our billing. That’s why options such as flat-fee and other alternative models are so popular.

What do people think of attorneys themselves? Contrary to what you may think, most have a positive perception of attorneys, and more people trust attorneys than trust the media or local politicians. (That may not be saying much – but it’s something). 

The Bar is working on ways to help educate the public and business owners as to the value of hiring an attorney and on how attorneys can better package, market and bill for their services. Look for more from our Innovation in Law Practice Committee and offerings at our conventions. But take another look at the Lighthouse Survey results and let us know what you think. 

H. Dickson Burton
Utah State Bar President
Bar Seeks Nominations for Third District Judicial Nominating Commission
The Utah State Bar is seeking applications from lawyers who reside in the Third Judicial District to serve on the Third District Trial Court Nominating Commission. The Commission nominates judges to fill vacancies on the district court and the juvenile court within the Third Judicial District. Two lawyers are appointed to the Commission by the Governor from a list of six nominees provided by the Bar. The terms of the most recent Commission members expired January 31, 2019. A list of the most recent Commission members is here .

Members of the Nominating Commission must be citizens of the United States and residents of the Third District (Salt Lake, Summit, and Tooele Counties). Commissioners are appointed for one term of four years and may not serve successive terms. No more than four of the seven members of the nominating commission may be of the same political party. You must identify your political party or if you are politically independent. 

  Submit resumes to Christy Abad, Executive Secretary, by email at  christy.abad@utahbar.org , or by mail at 645 South 200 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84111.  Resumes must be received by 5:00 pm, Monday, February 25, 2019.
Utah Legal Services Schedules Domestic Lawyers Academy Spring Session
Looking for a safe environment to learn the basics of a domestic practice? 

Feel unprepared to take on a family law case?

Here's a new opportunity to develop a domestic practice by seeing a pro bono case through the entire process, with support at each step of the way. 

Cases are available in all judicial districts with training held remotely over conference and video call. Utah Legal Services will also provide access to online CLE self-study learning modules and mentorship from experienced family law attorneys. 

Classes held Wednesday evenings, mid-April through May 2019, dates to be announced, by webinar from 5:30-6:30 p.m. This is a five-week session, with different content each week. Participants are expected to attend all five webinars.

What does Domestic Lawyers Academy include? 

•Taking a pro bono case (custody or divorce) start to finish
•Instruction by experienced attorneys, including Q&A opportunities
•Access to Utah Legal Services’ Domestic Online Module Courses 
•Mentorship during your case
•Access to templates and documents needed for domestic cases
•Malpractice coverage on your Pro Bono case
•As many as 13 hours of CLE Credit at no charge
•A great learning experience
•Networking with other practitioners 
•And most significantly, fulfilling pro bono work for clients in need

A signup link with be forthcoming. For questions, email Tatiana Christensen, Utah Legal Services Pro Bono Director, here, or call 801-328-8891 ext. 3373. 
Attorneys Needed for Judges and Coaches in Law Related Education Mock Trials
Mock trial season is here, and Utah Law Related Education needs attorneys to serve as judges and coaches for students in upcoming "trials."

Recent rule changes allow attorneys who judge mock trials to earn up to nine hours of CLE credits for instructing students about the rule of law and the trial process.
If you have question about the CLE, email Michelle Oldroyd , the Bar's Director of Professional Education. For more info about the Mock Trials click here .
ALPS Releases New Cyber Guide to Protect Firms from Hackers
The Utah State Bar's Malpractice Insurance provider, ALPS, has released a cybersecurity guide designed specifically to protect law firms from hacking.
The free guide was developed by ALPS risk manager Mark Bassingthwaighte, and can help you answer some of the most pertinent questions what your firm should do to protect it from a cyber attack. To download the free guide go here .
Timpanogos Legal Center Schedules Conference Focused on Financial Issues in Divorce
The Timpanogos Legal Center is sponsoring its 8th Annual Legal Conference, with a focus on financial issues that arise during divorce cases.
The event takes place on Friday, February 8 at the J. Reuben Clark Law School at BYU, in room 314.

Presenters include Lt. Colonel Aaron Drake, a Utah Air National Guard, military and veteran attorney, Rose Blakelock, a family law attorney, Dane Hines, a bankruptcy attorney, Dustin Hardy of Choice Legal Services, and Liisa Hancock of Jeffs & Jeffs. Up to six CLE credits are available.

The event is free to attorneys who volunteer to take a pro bono case during the year or help out at a TLC clinic. A $200 donation is suggested for those who can't volunteer at this time. For more info email Susan Griffith .
Lighthouse Client Survey Spotlight: Did You Know?
The biggest reason business clients refuse to hire an attorney is they don't know what an attorney can do for them that they can't do themselves. To see other reasons businesses don't use attorneys, click here.
Bar Discount Provider Launches New Website
Beneplace, the Bar's provider of discount services, has upgraded its website for Bar members. The new site is designed to be more intuitive and easier to use. You can check out the latest discounts here .