Utah State Bar May eBulletin
Western States Bar Conference Highlights Concerns About Lawyer Well-Being
Recently, the Utah State Bar joined in the ABA’s celebration of Law Day, including the Law Day luncheon on May 1. The 2019 theme for Law Day was “Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society.” 

We live in interesting times for freedom of expression. Never in human history has information been so readily available from so many sources. It’s a challenge, as individuals and as a society, to sort through the information to determine what is true and what is not.   And it is an increasing challenge to stand up firmly for the rights of those whose speech we disagree with, or even abhor.  I’m pleased the ABA focused our attention on this topic for Law Day 2019.

The Law Day Luncheon was a great event. In addition to the Pro Bono Publico and other awards (see here for details), the Mock Trial team winners from Utah schools were honored. Two respected Utah media figures, Amanda Dickson—herself a lawyer—and Marcos Ortiz discussed the role of a free press in a free society. On Thursday, a panel of judges joined media figures in a CLE event entitled “Courtrooms, Newsrooms and the First Amendment,” highlighting challenges reporters face in covering the courts. 

Our profession has a responsibility to educate the public about our First Amendment protections and the importance of free speech and the rule of law. Take a moment, or many moments where possible, to share your thoughts regarding both with your family and others in the community.
Reminder: Odd Year Compliance CLE Hours Due June 30; MCLE Reporting Due July 31
For those of you needing hours to comply this summer for the 2017-2019 (odd year, ending June 30) compliance years, you will be able to attend the Summer Convention in July and use the hours for compliance without any late fees/penalties. Hours cannot be split between cycles. Full details can be found here .
MCLE hours for the odd year reporting cycle are due June 30,(except for the above noted Summer Convention hours), and your MCLE report must be filed by July 31. For more information and to obtain a Certificate of Compliance, please click  here .

If all of your required MCLE hours are in the database, all you need to do in order to fully comply is to login to your Member Dashboard to pay the $15 reporting fee. Once this fee has been paid, you will not need to report again until July 2021, and we will not require a Certificate of Compliance from you. 

Below are step-by-step instructions to pay the fee online:
  • Log into the Practice Portal.
  • Select pay MCLE Compliance fee under Utah Bar Portal Control Card.
  • Follow prompts to pay MCLE Compliance fee.
Utah State Bar Election Results
Heather Farnsworth
Michelle Quist
3rd Division Commissioner
Heather Thuet
3rd Division Commissioner
Marty Moore
1st Division Commissioner
John Bradley
2nd Division Commissioner
Heather Farnsworth Elected President-elect, Moore, Bradley, Quist and Thuet
Heather Farnsworth was successful in her retention election as President-elect of the Bar. She will serve as President-elect for the 2019-2020 year and then become President for 2020-2021. Congratulations to Marty Moore and John Bradley who ran unopposed in the First and Second Divisions respectively and are declared elected, as well as Michelle Quist and Heather Thuet who were elected in the Third Division. Moore will finish out the term of Herm Olsen, who will resign effective at his swearing-in as Bar President in July. Sincere appreciation goes to all of the candidates for their great campaigns and thoughtful involvement in the Bar and the profession.
Utah Legal Services Sponsors Free CLE on "Expungements, Reductions and Pardons–Oh My"
Utah Legal Services is providing a free CLE to attorneys willing to take on a Pro Bono expungement case.

Thousands of Utahns apply to expunge their old criminal record each year – and for good reason. If they are successful, they often have much better job prospects and housing options. This can have a positive ripple effect on their lives, their families, and the community. And you can help!

At this training, Hollee Petersen of Utah Legal Services will teach you the basics of expungements, reductions, and pardons. You will leave armed with the knowledge and resources to start changing lives.
Additional benefits of participation:
•Coverage for your pro bono case under ULS's malpractice insurance
•Templates for your expungement case
•Mentoring for your expungement case 
•Access to ULS online reference materials (mostly on family law) and additional free
CLE by virtue of volunteering with us
•Your name in print on the Pro Bono Honor Roll of the Utah Bar Journal
•The knowledge that you are truly helping the needy - all clients go through ULS's
screening process

To sign up email Tatiana Christensen, Utah Legal Services Pro Bono Director,  here ,  or call  801-328-8891  ext. 3373. 
Homeless Youth Legal Clinic Offers CLE on Trauma Informed Advocacy
Please join us for a free CLE led by the staff of the Homeless Youth Legal Clinic (HYLC) on May 10 at Ballard Spahr, 201 Main St. #300 in Salt Lake City.

Attorneys who advocate for those who have experienced trauma at any point in their lives will have better outcomes in their cases and relationships with clients with a knowledge of how trauma impacts the relationship. Trauma informed advocacy will assist the courts and prosecutors in understanding your client and recommending/issuing sentences more likely to stop the revolving door of the judicial system.

In this training you will learn what trauma is, how it changes the processing of information, what to do when a youth discloses trauma events, how it changes the attorney-client relationship, strategies for building a relationship with a client who has experienced trauma, and how to educate judges and prosecutors to get more effective outcomes for your clients. During this CLE, a background check professional will be on hand to provide free background checks for future HYLC volunteers.

To register, email Laurie Abbott here .
Pro Hac Vice Admissions Rule Changed May 1
Substantial changes to the pro hac vice admission Rule 14-806 have been approved by the Court and went into effect May 1.

As of May 1, 2019, the fee for Pro Hac Vice admission increased from $250 to $425. Attorneys admitted pro hac after May 1 will be required to pay an annual fee of $425 for each year they continue to practice in Utah.