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*Manufacturing Month Edition*

Get the low-down on recent developments happening in Chisago County

Thank you Manufacturers


Chisago County!

Manufacturing is a dynamic part of Chisago County’s economy. It is the second largest industry in the county in terms of number of employees and total payroll. There are 89 manufacturing businesses employing 2,453 with total wages of over $143,000,000 and accounts for 16% of private sector employment.  

We appreciate the manufacturers in Chisago County for all they provide as they are crucial to the economy and quality of life for residents and other businesses of the county.

Multiple Commercial Properties Well Suited for Manufacturing

Chisago County, situated among beautiful lakes and rivers in East Central Minnesota, offers a quiet serene location for your business and residence. Chisago County, located between I-35 to the West and the beautiful scenic St. Croix River to the East, is the perfect location to mix business with pleasure. Just 30 miles north of the Twin Cities, we are close to your customers and suppliers who locate there. Call or email today to set up a tour of the business parks with our very own, Nancy Hoffman - Executive Director. 651-674-5664 or

Visit our website for more detailed information on our available sites.

Chisago County's Annual Manufacturing Month Student Tours and Career Exploration Event

The Chisago County HRA-EDA held their annual student tours and career exploration event on October 11, 2023 this brings together local manufacturers and local students from four area school districts.

The day begins and ends with onsite tours of manufacturing facilities where the students get an in-person and hands-on experience of the working environment of the industry. About midday the students will arrive at the Splitrocks event center where they are greeted by the Chisago County HRA-EDA, government workforce and community partners and many manufacturing business representatives from throughout the county. During this event the businesses provided a hands-on or interactive activity for the students to create an engaging experience to peak their interest. The businesses took full advantage of the students visiting their booth by explaining what they do and how they operate. They also we able disclose employment opportunities with associated salaries to entice students to consider a career in manufacturing. These engaging conversations are important as the student can leave for the day with a goal in mind and begin planning their future education needs to obtain it. This event also hosted a couple presentations provided by MN Department of Employment and Economic Development’s (DEED), Labor Analyst Luke Greiner and Pine Technical College, Joe Mulford President and a student panel from the college on why manufacturing is a good career option, personal experiences, training requirements, and wage expectations. This presentation takes a deeper dive into pertinent information for students to understand when considering a manufacturing career.  

Why Chisago County for Manufacturing?

In 2021, Chisago County HRA-EDA engaged Cushman & Wakefield to develop an assessment of the County’s labor force. This was focused on supporting the County’s drive to expand manufacturing, warehousing, and supply chain businesses. The report identifies primary industries, top occupations, assesses and compares the volume and job growth, and looks at commuting patterns of workers within the County.  


The following are some of the key findings of Cushman & Wakefield: 


  • Chisago County has a critical mass of industries aligned to manufacturing, warehouse, and supply chain distribution. Over the next 5 years, many of these industries are projected to experience double-digit growth! 

  • Chisago County’s workforce is highly specialized for manufacturing and engineering jobs. Total jobs with the target skills profile are projected to grow.  

  • Chisago County has a strong base of Heavy Manufacturing which has been growing over the past five years. Heavy trucks, sheet metal, and other related manufacturing is a particular strength.  

  • Many workers are coming to Chisago County for work from the surrounding counties.

  • The labor market in Chisago County is positioned to absorb additional manufacturing, warehousing, and supply chain jobs before seeing any risk to labor capacity.  


Here are a few other benefits of a locating in Chisago County:

Shovel ready certified sites, great transportation including Interstate 35 and the St. Croix Valley Shortline Rail, financial incentives such as the Opportunity Zone, and other state and regional funding programs made up of both grants and loans. The County HRA-EDA has a new Industrial Forgivable Loan program and often uses tax increment financing for industrial projects. 


Here is a copy of the complete Labor and Capacity Assessment.


To learn more about the exciting opportunities that await you in Chisago County, contact us today!  

Issue: October 18, 2023