September 2020


We hope you and your families are healthy and safe during these continued trying times.
We've been thinking about the meaning of "business as usual."  Many prognosticators say it will be a while before we return to normal, but what is normal?  AT CLI, while we are obviously concerned with the COVID-19 virus, the nature of our roles as technology providers also means we have a keen interest in the pandemic of computer viruses.  If you were a "fly on the wall" at any of CLI's internal technology meetings, you would hear that our top three priorities are "SECURITY, SECURITY, SECURITY." Just as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to change how they conduct themselves socially, the computer virus pandemic should make each of us stop and consider how we conduct ourselves digitally. 

To ensure our systems remains secure now and into the future, our software innovations never stop.  In this newsletter, you'll read about the secure infrastructure CLI offers to our hosted clients, learn about some new application features we've recently developed, and get a vendor insight into the importance of integrated systems.

Enjoy the newsletter, stay well, and as always, thank you. 

Short Hauls
Boost Your Branding via a Customized Tracking URL
You already know that the web customer service module of FACTS provides world class tools to your clients. Now we offer customized branding to this integral module.
CLI's hosted solution includes a tracking URL which starts with the intuitive base URL of
Now available is a tracking URL with your company name, which can help you achieve more effective branding, and is another way to reinforce your company's commitment to superior customer service. We are pleased to introduce a customized tracking URL that is now available for all CLI-hosted clients.
A Customized Tracking URL will:
·     Strengthen Your Company's Brand
·     Emphasize Your Dedication to Customer Service
·     Differentiate you in the Marketplace

Contact us for more information.

Welcome New Client
CLI is pleased to announce that PavXpress has recently joined the list of CLI FACTS users.

PavXpress, a New Jersey-based TL, LTL and Warehousing provider, is a rapidly growing transportation company that recognized with growth comes change.  They opted for FACTS because of its scalability and robust functionality which meet the needs of this expanding transportation company.  Click for more on PavXpress.

CLI in the News
Thank you to Rolf Lockwood (pictured), editor emeritus at Today's Trucking for the "shout out" in his recent column.  Rolf recalled some of CLI's innovative work on dispatch technology back in the late 1980s.  It made us proud of our
 past and the legacy that we continue to build on today.  

To access the article, click here 

Coming Soon:  FACTS Version 11.4
CLI is planning to roll out the newest version of FACTS early in 2021.  Version 11.4 will bring forward new modules, streamlined business process, and even more mobile applications.  

CLI's continued investments in FACTS are meant to keep you ahead of your competition

Watch your emails and future newsletters for more information.

Have you heard about LOCI?

lo·ci lōˌkē,ˈnoun: Plural of locus meaning place, destination or location

Know the Exact Location Type for your Pick-up or Delivery

Have you heard about LOCI, the module that many of your fellow carriers are using to ID an address? Quite simply, LOCI works seamlessly with your FACTS application to give you detailed information on a pick-up or delivery address. We know that right now, many carriers are servicing different customers and locations than they have in the past, and CLI knows how confusing that can be.  LOCI takes away the confusion and gives you:
  • Over 115 Categories of Locations - so much more than residential or commercial - that cover everything from Airport to Zoo
  • Ease of Use: Fully-integrated into your FACTS shipment entry and rating modules.
  • Ability to Plan and Dispatch the Right Driver with the Right Equipment
  • Automated Assigning of your Accessorials
During these unprecedented times, you need to know: Are companies open? Are their hours changed or reduced? Are they staffed to accept delivery? Cut down the expense of return shipments. Know where you are delivering - Get LOCI now.
LOCI will change the way you run your operations. But don't take our word for it - try it today.

Click for a Product Sheet
 Click for Sample Screenshots
Contact us to sign up for LOCI.

CYBER ATTACKS - Are you Next?
CLI Offers a Safe and Secure Hosting Environment

It seems every other day there is another headline announcing a transportation company falling prey to ransomware, business disruption and cyberattacks. Responding to these, CLI has further strengthened its already stringent security systems through upgrades and partnerships. To this end CLI is working with Integrated Systems Corporation (ISCorp) to provide a private, secure cloud hosting option for customers along with making several other cybersecurity upgrades.
"We take the security of our customer's data very seriously, so we have put in place a strong foundation of protection measures," said CLI president Ben Wiesen. "Our partnership with ISCorp adds another line of defense as they deliver turnkey, robust and secure private cloud hosting that CLI customers can rely on to protect their businesses." Wiesen continued, "In addition, we have strengthened the security of our platform with several other measures."
Is your company vulnerable to an attack? Don't be the next headline. Contact CLI to find out more about our safe, secure hosting environment.

Integrating Warehouse Devices is the 
Key to Maximizing your Technology ROI
5 Tips to Keep in Mind

CEO, FreightSnap, LLC

We see it all the time, the customer says, when can you install it? The vetting process is complete, the contract signed, now they want their new Dimensioner and they want it now! The day comes, the engineer mounts the new device to the ceiling, and the place is buzzing. A forklift operator places that first pallet under the Dimensioner, and in a split-second the measurements appear on a screen mounted to the device. For a while, it is like kids in a candy store. Pretty soon everything not bolted down is being brought to the new Dimensioner to be measured. After the newness wears off, reality sets in. Getting measurements are great, but what about the weight scale and how does one seamlessly get this data into their system?
FS 5000 Unit at Custom Companies
For a carrier or a forwarder, a Dimensioner offers an economy of scale that is orders of magnitude beyond an employee walking around with a tape measure and clipboard. But all of that comes crashing down if you insert a manual process of keying this data into a billing system. The good news is that integration can be achieved through numerous means. Here are four popular methods used most frequently by our customers.
  1. Software Interface - Manufacturers like FreightSnap provide intuitive software interfaces to their products to enable their customers to automate key areas of the use of the Dimensioner. We refer to this as triggering or cataloging, which can involve a bar code scan of a Pro# utilized to catalog the shipment.
  2. Scale Interface - With all shipping, a combination of weight and dimensions are needed to calculate the shipping charges. To make the process quicker, a Dimensioner and a scale are paired together to send this information in one packet. This is done in most cases with a simple USB cable interface with the scale indicator.
  3. API Integration - To retrieve the data, some Dimensioners, FreightSnap's included, provide a programming interface to seamlessly pass data from a device to another system. These interfaces are pre-programmed for general use and are published with source code samples. Programmers utilize these standard interfaces to customize their own software products and operational processes without the need to enlist outside support. API integration is a must-have for large-scale automation and integration projects with dock devices.
  4. Cloud Repositories - Manufacturers provide cloud-based image and data repositories of all scanned images and data for archival purposes. These tools provide big data capabilities at a small data price thanks to AWS and other cloud platforms. A repository generally has an API of its own, which can provide quick access to specific images on any shipment cataloged with the Dimensioner.
With these tools at your disposal, any company utilizing a Dimensioner can easily interact with modern handheld devices, floor and forklift scales, forklift computers, and the back-office systems needed to run the business. Integration is always the key to maximizing your device investment.

About FreightSnap
Established in 2012, FreightSnap designs and builds package and pallet dimensioning solutions used by shippers, carriers, 3PLs, and freight forwarders of all sizes. With hundreds of Dimensioners installed around the world, we've made our mark by offering reliable, affordable, and customizable solutions that fit our customers needs.

When you're ready to automate your dimensioning process and start collecting more detailed information about your freight, take a look at our Dimensioners to see which one fits your business best. 

Click here to discover what FreightSnap can do for your organization.
Staff Spotlight
Eric Kilroy

Eric Kilroy is an EDI Analyst at CLI. A seasoned EDI expert, he's been working with EDI since 2013. In addition to this, Eric also has several years of experience in customer service and
Eric Kilroy
management, both in and outside of the transportation and logistics industries. He joined the CLI team in February of 2020.

Eric has a degree in Human Computer Interaction from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Eric and his wife Krystal live in northern New Jersey with their 10-month-old daughter Emma. When he is not working, Eric is interested in outdoor activities like camping and hiking. He also enjoys cooking and is always looking for ways to advance his skills in the kitchen.

Tip of the Month: New Functionality
3 New Fields Available in Dispatch by Driver - Terminal View
We have three new fields available in Dispatch by Driver - Terminal View. The new fields will help your dispatchers better plan their day. The new fields are:
  • Est PU Weight: The estimated weight on the route with consideration for shipments that will be delivered and picked up during the day will be displayed.   
  • Last Stop ETA: This will display the current ETA for the last stop on the route and be updated throughout the day as stops are added or completed.
  • Last Stop Planned ETA: This field will show the ETA for the final delivery stop as established when the route was still in planning mode. This value does not update throughout the day. It is meant to be a benchmark for the day to observe if the driver is running ahead or behind schedule.
**Please Note:  ETAs are calculated using FACTS Map. You will need to have FACTS Map installed and running at your terminal in order for ETAs to display.

Please submit a request ticket if you have any questions regarding the new fields or if you would like more information on the latest version of FACTS Map.

Any questions?  Contact the CLI support team.

Craig Lis

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