June 2020
“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope”
Martin Luther King Jr.

Wow! What a ride! Pandemic’s, civil demonstrations (the peaceful ones, much overdue), economy, staffing, PPE shortages. The list goes on and on. Here is to a much brighter second half of the year!!

Here are a few updates and coming events:
INALA Nominations Hey, we can all use a reason to celebrate. So, let’s get those nominations in for this year’s Awards. All nominations are due by no later than July 19, 2020 . Here is a link to the Nomination Form: INALA Nominee Form
Spread the word about our Virtual Conference.   And make sure you sign up for this online event. The information is going to be extremely informative and timely. And you can earn up to 15 CEUs just in time for licensure renewal. This online event will run from mid-July through mid-August. Registration links are coming soon!
Here's two important links to information from ISDH regarding Guidance for Essential Family Caregivers and Guidance for Outdoor Visitation at long term care facilities . This includes Assisted Li ving. INALA is continuing to meet weekly via conference calls with ISDH, Division of Aging, other stake holders and trade associations including Leading Age Indiana.

Let’s jump on board and “Stand with Seniors”   Spread the word today. Ask residents, staff, family members, providers, and anyone you know to take 5 minutes to send a message to congress. See below for details on how you can make a difference:

Grassroots Campaign Update
Argentum’s grassroots advocacy campaign, Standing With Seniors, is continuing to make progress toward our goal of 500,000 letters sent to Congress, but these next several weeks are going to be absolutely critical to having our voices heard on the urgent needs of PPE, test kits, and financial relief for our communities.
Congressional offices are being flooded every day with letters asking for help. We need senior living communities to stand out, and that’s why it’s so important that every community does its part to help reach our goal. As of today, nearly 40,000 letters have been sent to Congress, including more than 24,000 letters from family members alone.

Ask your stakeholders to submit letters in support of the industry's urgent needs.

Keep up the great work. You are making a HUGE POSITIVE DIFFERENCE, every day!
In the News...
LeadingAge urges Congress to adopt comprehensive COVID-19 relief package for older adults, care workers
Essential Family Caregivers in Long-term Care Facilities (LTCF) Guidance
Beyond being a welcome visitor, many family members are critical partners in the ongoing care and both physical and emotional support of persons living in LTCFs including nursing homes and residential facilities (assisted living). The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated the challenges of social isolation and loneliness in the long-term care population. Although technology can help decrease loneliness for some residents, many with cognitive impairment, visual and/or hearing difficulties, and mobility limitations will still struggle to maintain connections with their loved ones during these times. 
Recognizing the critical role family members and other outside caregivers often have in care and support of residents, it is recommended that LTCFs consider designating as Essential Family Caregivers (ECFs) those family members and other outside caregivers who, prior to visitor restrictions, were regularly engaged with the resident at least two or more times per week to provide companionship and/or assist with activities requiring one-on-one direction. 
Guidelines and criteria for ECFs are available within the Essential Family Caregivers in Long-term Care Facilities guidance. Implementation of EFCs should be accompanied by pre-planning and communications with facility staff, residents, and their designated representatives. LTCFs should provide information on plans for EFCs and the intended return of care and support by family members and outside caregivers needed by residents vs. general family visitation that will come later. 
Outdoor Family Visitation at Long Term Care Facilities FAQ
The Indiana State Department of Health 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)  website has been updated with new guidance for Outdoor Family Visitation at Long-term Care Facilities . In addition, the website has now been updated with Long-term Care Facility Outdoor Visitation FAQ . Additional questions can be emailed to [email protected] or voice message at 317-233-7176 (effective Tuesday, June 9, 2020). 
Connect with INALA's New Executive Director, Dan Kenyon by email or call (317) 733-2380