Addiction Doc Says: It’s Not the Drugs. It’s the ACEs…Adverse Childhood Experiences
Read about why Dr. Daniel Sumrok, director of the Center for Addiction Sciences at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s College of Medicine, thinks we need to replace the word “addiction” with the phrase “ritualized compulsive comfort-seeking,” which is a normal response to childhood adversity.
A Little Story about Geriatric Psychiatric Patients and What They Taught Me about Happiness
In the 1990s, Jerry Strausbaugh, Director of Appleseed Community Mental Health Center, worked with older adults in an intensive outpatient program at a psychiatric hospital. Here are his thoughts on what he learned about happiness and recovery from this experience.
Hidden in the Shadows:
Detecting and Addressing Elder Abuse
Did you know that elder abuse in the United States is quite common? According to the National Council on Aging, around 1 in 10 Americans over age 60 have been victims of abuse. And the abuse is often hidden, since it targets a vulnerable population, many of whom suffer from impaired memory. Read more about it here, from the Psychiatry Advisor website.
Mental Health Tip:
10 Healthy Habits for Seniors to Keep
From eating healthy to visiting the dentist regularly, here are ten habits to help seniors stay healthy.
Agency Spotlight: Welcome Kim Mollenauer
We are thrilled to welcome Kim Mollenauer as the new Integrated Health Care Coordinator at Catholic Charities of Ashland.

Kim Mollenauer comes from Ashland, OH and has 32 years of experience as a Registered Nurse. The last 15 years of her nursing career has been dedicated to working with patients in Hospice & Palliative Care. Her most recent focus has been on Care Management in meeting the emotional, psychosocial and spiritual needs of patient’s/family’s with chronic diseases or life limiting diseases.
The Integrated Health Care Coordinator is a position funded through the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County and is contracted with Catholic Charities of Ashland . Although Kim will be housed primarily at the Ashland Christian Health Center , she will be available throughout the county to assist community members by linking people to necessary services and providing education on trauma, resiliency, and mental health concerns.

If you'd like to meet Kim or have questions, she can be reached by calling (419) 289-1903.
Summer 2019 Activities for Kids and Families
Arts activities, summer camps, reading programs, and more! There’s so much for kids and families to do this summer around Ashland County. Get the full list here: