Dear Friends and Readers,

In 2009, I created a 19th century rural Puerto Rico with all its complexities and contradictions and introduced Fela, Mati, Concha, Elena, and Carisa in my first novel, Daughters of the Stone . For over 10 years, these characters and my novel have been treasured by readers across the United States and beyond.

I am so appreciative that so many local and national book clubs embraced the book from the very beginning. I am also grateful for the colleges and universities that continue to use Daughters of the Stone in their coursework. Mil gracias to all the professors who continue to see the literary merit of the narrative and the value of studying the world I have created in the novel. 

It is gratifying that my words have touched so many people, from so many cultures, in so many places. It is a testament to the universality of the human condition and a rejection of the "them-vs-us" mentality that is currently permeating our society. We all suffer, celebrate, and are elevated by our common human experience. I am so pleased that readers recognized that and have supported my efforts in spreading this much-needed reminder.

Without your support, this newly edited trade paperback edition would not have come to fruition today, as I prepare to celebrate the novel's 10th Anniversary in September 2019.

As a special thank you I am making this new edition of Daughters of the Stone available in advance of the March 18th publication date to longtime supporters. I hope you will click the pre-order button and share this new edition with friends, family, and colleagues!

Once again and always,

Muy agradecida,
Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa