Dear Piedmont Community,

This was not the year any of us expected or hoped for. It was a year of frustration and challenge, of making difficult decisions and having difficult conversations. And, this has also been a year of new experiences, of learning, of adapting, and of finding the silver lining. As we move forward, these lessons in strength and persistence are the ones we would like to take with us. We can experience difficulty, we can adapt, we can persevere, and we can build back better.

As we reflect on the past year, we are once again humbled by the generosity of our community. Though often disappointed, and while concerned about their children’s well-being, and with trying to navigate a new reality, 1,140 families chose to participate in this year’s Giving Campaign with an average donation of $2,630. While slightly fewer people chose to contribute this year than last year, those that gave dug even deeper than before. When we asked donors why they gave, they shared an understanding of the importance of their contribution to their children’s education.

And, these contributions are important. We often talk about how government funding only covers 63% of the cost for Piedmont to educate each child, and that the rest is up to us through parcel taxes and donations. But, what does this local funding provide? Government funds mostly cover the costs of what our district is required to offer by law. The things that are not required, but that Piedmont still offers, include classroom aides, differentiation specialists, libraries, AP classes, world languages, art, music, technology, and athletics. Perhaps most importantly, PUSD’s small class sizes allow our teachers to have more personalized interaction with students. All of this gives our children a much more enriching, supportive, and individualized education than the minimum that is required by law and funded by the government.

Thank you to every single person who made a donation to our schools this year. Thank you to those who asked others to make donations, who attended a virtual event, who volunteered on a board or committee, who showed up to help with student COVID testing or senior event planning, and to those who were an even more active part of their child’s education than usual.

With gratitude,

Nicki Gilbert

PEF Board Chair

Heather Frank

PEF Executive Director

Why PEF funding is essential

to a well-rounded education

At its core, our work is to ensure the District has the funds needed to function and educate students. Every Giving Campaign donation, every Spring Fling purchase, EVERY fundraiser goes to supporting a meaningful, well-rounded education. Thank you to the 1,152 families who donated to this year’s Giving Campaign. Your donation will help ensure that the programs important to our students will continue in the 2021-2022 school year.

Our Donor Impact Report will be published this summer with full details, but the graphic below will provide some information for those wanting to learn more before it is published. For details, click the image.

Funding a Piedmont Education.png

What we've been up to this year...

  • We kicked off the school year by decorating Exedra Plaza for first day of school pictures.
  • Through Piedmont Store, we worked with parents' clubs and support groups with membership drives and to fundraise for technology, libraries, and class funds.
  • Families new to Piedmont schools were welcomed with a virtual New Parent Party.
  • We supported the work & advocacy efforts of all 6 Parents Clubs, 10 support groups, and the Wellness Center.
  • The Giving Campaign launched with a popsicle truck driving around town.
  • PEF donated over $360,000 towards PPE and items essential to a safe opening for Hybrid Learning.
  • We created the 2020-2021 Student Directory (and have extras if you need one!)
  • The Education Speaker Series hosted 6 online education events covering topics from "How to be an Ally" to "How to Raise Successful People: Helping Kids Find Their Own Path".
  • We celebrated the grades with the highest parent participation in The Giving Campaign with at-home movie night goodies or coffees at Mulberry's.
  • We helped raise money for instrumental music programs at the upper schools and supported the Piedmont Art Walk, celebrating local artists.
  • PEF mentored Students For Solar in their fundraising campaign and online auction.
  • We created the first virtual Spring Fling with an online magic show launch party and a virtual cocktail party and live auction.
  • Our photographers took almost 100 Comings and Goings photos, celebrating our Kindergarteners and 5th graders.
  • With the Oakland Flower Market, we helped 240 families celebrate their graduates with graduation leis.
  • We facilitated holiday and end-of-year gifts for teachers and staff at all schools.
  • And, of course, we raised $2,750,000 for our schools!

PEF in the News

grant chart.png

PEF to grant $2,750,000 to PUSD for the

2021-2022 school year

PEF is proud to be granting $2,750,000 to PUSD to cover essential programming and staffing for the next school year. This year's Donor Impact Report, available this summer, will detail the line items of the grant. Visit our website to learn more about the grant process.

Funding 101

PEF Welcomes New Board members

Each spring the PEF Board of Directors welcomes new volunteer members who are enthusiastic to fulfill the 45-year-old organization’s mission to provide sustained financial support to Piedmont schools through fundraising and community engagement. This year, PEF is thrilled to announce these new Directors:

Learn More

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Virtual Spring Fling raises $80,000

This year, we took the Spring Fling fun online with a virtual magic show, an online auction & cocktail party, parent parties, and more. Thank you to everyone that joined us and helped celebrate the "Magic of Piedmont".

Our Mission

The purpose of the Piedmont Education Foundation (PEF) is to provide sustained financial support to the Piedmont schools through fundraising and community engagement. We offer a variety of programs and services to encourage community giving and to aid parent support organizations in their work.

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