Dear Friends:


It has been a busy few months. I am grateful for all the opportunities I have had to speak to various groups of people and make new connections. My life is better for having you all in it.

Recent updates

Fathers in the Field: Last week, I had the opportunity to take a trip to Texas with a bunch of people I had never met before. They are part of the Fathers in the Field nonprofit and volunteer their time serving as mentors and father figures to young boys who have lost their own fathers. These men are truly inspiring and bring so much to the lives of these boys. I was invited to join them on this trip to share my experiences and excerpts from my book.

As someone who grew up without a father, I understand much of what these boys are going through and felt a powerful connection with them. I encourage you to follow their work and support Fathers in the Field. These boys have powerful success stories of building a new relationship with a father figure and with God.

Weber State University: Last month, I spoke to an incredible group of people at Weber State University. They were full of energy, and our interactions and discussions elicited tears, enabled people to talk about their sense of purpose or lack thereof, and allowed them to identify with others. The staff at Weber State University are incredible and have established a strong veteran support program that sets them up for success in their educational journey and in life.

Podcasts: I was also recently a guest speaker on two podcasts. Listen to me on Hero Front and Knock & Talk where I share my own military transition story and what it takes to navigate the transition successfully, along with the realities of substance and alcohol abuse, PTSD, and moral injury. I am grateful for the opportunities I have to share my story and provide solid tips and guidance on how to navigate life after the military.

Early leadership development

Recently, I formed a partnership with some of the best individuals I have worked with in a long time, and together, we plan to offer our communities an affordable way to obtain relevant quality leadership training and development. Individuals who complete the training will be equipped with the right tools to confidently and passionately lead our local communities and build high-performing and successful professional environments for business owners and customers. We are also planning to host a leadership summit in Billings, MT on August 18 that you will NOT want to miss. Stay tuned for more information!

Military transition

I continue my outreach and engagement with organizations that play key roles in veteran transition. I have been in touch with universities and businesses from Massachusetts, California, and Alabama to Montana, and many parts in between. I value growing long-term relationships and building bridges of courage for our civilians and veterans to cross together, so they have a clearer understanding of the unique challenges faced on both sides of the transition—from military life to civilian life.

2.5: PTSD, trauma, mental health. Navigating it all.

As I continue to share my journey formally about my PTSD and moral injury, I am learning more and more about how to love and own these permanent parts of me. I tell my story in a very transparent way that drives conversation and empowers others to start their own healing journey.

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I challenge you to read my book and schedule a time to connect with me through my Calendly or send me an email.

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