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Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car Team
February 2020 Build Progress Update #.0048
"Chuck Buckler and Travis Soper are at it again. The painted front grill, trim, headlights and bumper, look better than the real thing. They shared some pictures of their creative process with us, shot on location at Rehab Customs. Thanks, guys!!"
~Rod & Jill
"Earlier this month, we took a little time off for some R&R. Upon our return, we took a short trip to NJ to pick up our Diversatech. spark plug tubes. We want to thank Haskel for the tour of his impressive shop." ~Jill
"The Mustangs aluminum tin work is being prepped for anodizing. When all of the pieces and panels are ready, we'll wrap each one for safe transport. The Nova tin will follow." ~Rod
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