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Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car Team
January 2020 Build Progress Update #.0047
"Four years ago, we turned the first wrenches on multiple ground-up restoration projects. Our truck/RV, trailer & twin nostalgia nitro funny car builds are now 90% complete. We want to thank you for following our reality show! B uild year No.5 will be the best yet ."
~Rod & Jill
"The Mustang motor plate was waterjet cut, to our custom specification, by S&W Precision Specialties . Rod made minor adjustments to the outer contour, countersunk the block bolt holes and attached other fasteners. He also finished the brake system project and many smaller tasks." ~Jill
A handful of items have been lightened up including the fuel & oil tank mount. All for exhibition purposes, of course!
"Jill applied a fire protective coating to the inside of the fiberglass Mustang body. Next, the spaghetti will be touched up and the windows will be installed. The ProGlass windshield and Jill-made side windows were fitted earlier, during the body prep stage. Before they're mounted, she'll countersink the bolt holes and paint the borders black." ~Rod
"We reached another mini milestone, when my Hemi was lowered between the rails . After a brief celebration, we got right back to work. Spirits are high and we're set up for a great decade!" ~Jill
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