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Domestic Disturbance
Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car Team
July 2020 Build Progress Update #.0053
The heat wave might have slowed us down a step, but we pushed through the burn to keep the trailer upgrades/restoration projects going.
~Rod & Jill
Rod removed two of the existing ceiling braces, cut a hole into the ceiling, made and fastened a stronger aluminum framework/brace and mounted the air conditioning unit.
Jill finished insulating both sides and the front of the trailer. 154 panels were cut, put in place and are being secured with thermal tape. Next, the roof will be painted with reflective paint and the ceiling will be insulated.
Rod is now working on the rear ramp door project. He started fitting the trim, end cap and is building the extension ramps.
When it's time to roll out, there won't be any obstacles in the way. Many trees had to be removed, to create a wider, safer driveway and parking lot.
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