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Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car Team
March 2020 Build Progress Update #.0049
"It's been a month we'll never forget, with all that's going on in the world. Positive thoughts for a healthy and speedy comeback for everyone! Fortunately, many of our suppliers are still shipping parts and we can keep moving forward."
~Rod & Jill
We finished prepping all of the Mustang tin for anodizing, sent it out and started installing the body panels last weekend.
Rod pop riveted all of the quarter turn fastener springs onto the Mustang chassis.
Jill repainted the spaghetti and cleared all of the tin work mounting holes, inside the body.
The panels fit like a glove, thanks to Rod's extraordinary craftsmanship. They are in place and we have started bolting them in!
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Happy 10th Anniversary Kenny & Jessica
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