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Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car Team
May 2020 Build Progress Update #.0051
May was a good month for us, because boxes of parts, longer daylight hours and mild weather had arrived. We had everything we needed, to keep our indoor and outdoor projects moving forward.
~Rod & Jill
The Mustang body was lowered onto its chassis, for the very first time, since final assembly. It went very smooth and fit like it was custom made!!
Jill mounted the trailer pit side walkway lights and will begin wiring soon. B&J transmission #1 is in the shop and will be installed when the bell housing returns from being serviced & recertified. In addition to the plumbing project, Rod will be building the Mustang headers.
The Nova body will be back from Chuck B. / Rehab Customs paint shop very soon!! Jill will focus on it's final assembly, upon its return.
Our hauler, tow vehicles and funny car starter packs will be powered by ODYSSEY Batteries, because we need batteries t hat can handle our performance demands! Thanks for your support Alan & ODYSSEY.
Thanks to our valued product support sponsors, we will be Running Fast, Rolling Safe and Looking Good! Please Visit their web sites and social pages by using the below links.
The band is back together after a long winter break. Our SAFE annual team Spring Bonding, BBQ & Christmas Tree Inferno/Bonfire was a blast. Thanks guys.
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