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I am so pleased to share with you the latest news from DCM Associates, Inc. I am so proud of the team that we have assembled, and the work that we are doing together to support nonprofit clients across the country. Whether we are leading a c-suite executive search, or offering our best advice through a webinar, blog or certificate program, our goal is to ensure that those who are engaged in building strong communities have the tools they need to succeed.


Dennis C. Miller

Founder & Chairman

DCM Team Highlights

Our Best Advice

Dr. Yvonne Styles, Executive Vice President

Building a workforce of people with a range of differences can present a unique challenge to today’s leaders. The socio-cultural context is a dynamic yet invisible force that shapes the workplace. The great resignation period that we are experiencing in the non-profit sector is an indicator that we have work to do in creating thriving work environments. It is so important to prioritize cultural competency and inclusive practices. Acknowledging and investing in your teams and your employees will help to ensure each individual staff member is seen as a unique and distinctive contributor. 

The goal of DEI&B is for us to be able to move beyond our obvious differences to find our essential or core connections, regardless of differences in ability, personality, gender identity, racial and ethnic origins, life experiences, beliefs, and neurodivergence. This is the challenge and the opportunity that strategic DEI&B presents.  Promoting diversity has become politicized and many of us don’t even know what it means any more. I suggest we turn our focus to cultural competency as the lens through which we understand the value of human diversity. The practice of seeing and valuing differences and celebrating everyone in their own individual context. Moving beyond our differences and establishing a welcoming workplace that enables everyone to contribute. 

Cultural competency promotes cohesion and ignites the warmth of belonging. This is the BIG idea and the goal of DEI&B. Having a DEI&B strategy and developing practical ways to apply your values in the workplace depends on a leader’s ability to foster or create of a culture of inclusion. Creating something new, and diverse has its own rewards. Creating successful teams is the midst of dynamic differences can be a rewarding challenge for today’s leaders. Leaders should lead – start with your own workplace and build a culture of belonging! DCM can help!

DCM Nonprofit Executive Search

DCM Associates is pleased to announce recent executive placements:

DCM Institute for Nonprofit Board & Executive Leadership

National Virtual CEO & Board Chair Conference

On November 15, 2023 DCM Associates will host its first annual National CEO & Board Chair Conference.

Join us for a one-of-a-kind conversation about your nonprofit's most pressing challenges and be the first to hear the results of our national survey of nonprofit CEOs and board chairs, designed in collaboration with R&J Strategic Communication to shed light on the key strategic issues, challenges and opportunities confronting today's nonprofit leaders.

Seating is limited - click here to register today!

National Nonprofit Leadership Survey

Take the survey

Make sure your voice is heard! Take our national survey before it closes on October 11, 2023, and contribute to an understanding of the key strategic issues, challenges, and opportunities facing you and your fellow nonprofit leaders.

Fall 2023 DCM Nonprofit Executive Leadership Certificate Program

The DCM Nonprofit Executive Leadership Certificate Program is intended for current CEO/Executive Directors, executive leadership team members and those emerging leaders who hope to become an executive leader in the future. This fall, 16 nonprofit professionals are in the process of completing seven courses taught by nationally recognized nonprofit leadership executives, coaches, authors, and search consultants. Each course has two components: a one-hour recorded session and a live interactive 90 minute session. Participants will each receive a certificate of completion. Click here to learn more!

Download our brochures to learn about all of DCM's products and services - and the many ways we can help your nonprofit increase its impact in the community:

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