Increase Command & Control with CompassTrac®

Over the past 6 months, the team has successfully introduced the following to our customers to enhance the product experience:
  • New Customer Support – Established a Tier 1 Support ticketing system to ensure proper issue tracking and resolution are properly tracked from conception to closure

  •  New Organization – Customer focused organization to increased customer communication and satisfaction

  • Standardized Licensing – Simplified licensing agreement to empower the customer to deploy CompassCom to the Enterprise

  • Enhanced Hosted Services – Provide CompassWorks® hosted services to reduce customer overhead and IT requirements

  • New Software Baseline (CT 7) – Develop the SW for improved performance and growth. All future development of CompassCom software will be focused on the current version of our software (CT 7.x) providing increased focus on requirement-based test prior to any release. CT 7 has now been in the marketplace supporting thousands of first responder radios and vehicles for close to 3 years now
Our current Focused Initiatives ongoing at CompassCom include:

1.     Beginning carrier 2G / 3G obsolescence resolution
  •   Verizon EOY 2019
  •   AT&T EOY 2022
2.     Migration all legacy platforms to CT7
  •   Enhance customer support for single platform
  •   More consistent functionality across the board
  •   Reduced issue resolution
3.     Migration from On-Premise solutions to our certified Hosted CompassWorks
  •   State of the art facility meeting all required certifications for security, environmental,
daily redundant data backup and support
  •   No upfront capital expense
  •   Unlimited viewers, smart phone and tablet support
  •   Reduced customer IT overhead (resources, hardware, maintenance, network)
  •   Removes IT hardware obsolescence
  •   Reduces customer support time required
  •   Reduces Time and Travel for customers to address issues
  •   Quicker deployment to feature upgrades
  •   Simple procurement and maintenance (one monthly payment)
  •   Ease to scale (mobile units, viewers, users, and departments)
4.     Enhanced utilization of Esri ® ArcGIS infrastructure and GEOEVENT Server support
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