April 2018
Save the Date: The Countdown to the 2018 Virtuoso Awards Celebration is on!
Join us on May 31st, to celebrate with and get to know London's top communicators and creative minds. We will be recognizing the winners of the 2018 Virtuoso Awards and the Best of the Best in each division. We will also be announcing the recipient of the 2018 IABC London Outstanding Communicator Award. Think you or someone you know deserves this honour? Nominations are open until April 20.

What to expect at this year’s Celebration?
We will be mixing things up a bit. Like last year’s Celebration, we will be keeping things casual, but this year, the event will be hosted at the trendy Design House London. Keep an eye out for more exciting details on how we will be celebrating London’s top business communicators.

Tickets will be available online starting April 21.
How to put an end to martyrdom in volunteering and make helping out irresistible for everyone
By Andrew Kaszowski, CMP – President-Elect

We’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, which basically means that 80 per cent of work in the world is done by a ridiculously dedicated 20 per cent of people.

There are a lot of problems with this model. Sure, the 20 per cent get things done – and they do it very well. The main problem is that this is hardly sustainable. A few crazy-committed souls lifting all the weight in an organization is a heavy burden to carry and leads to that most scary word in the world of volunteering: burnout. Volunteer turnover rates at most organizations is frighteningly high, as doing a passionate job is fun for a while but hard to keep up for many years. Consequently, when the organization loses its core force of energy year-after-year it becomes saddled with the task of orienting new blood all the time and continuity of vision and mission gets lost in the mix when there isn’t a concerted effort to overlap the veterans and the fresh faces. Volunteers burning out is bad for the continuity of an organization. It’s called martyrdom. It leads not only to the exhaustion of the volunteer themselves, but to the decline in the vitality of the organization itself in the long-term.

So how do we put a stop to volunteers becoming martyrs and make volunteering irresistible for the 80 per cent who are sitting on the sidelines? The answer is lazy volunteering, as I learned at IABC’s Leadership Institute from keynote speaker Cynthia D’Amour.  Read more.
IABC London 2018-2019 Board of Directors:
There’s a role for you
Boost your resume. Make new connections. Nominate yourself. Volunteer now.
A strong IABC London chapter is built on the foundation of strong leadership and volunteerism. Volunteering for the Board of Directors is a rewarding experience, rich in personal and career-related learning.

The next director to sit on the Board in 2018-2019 could be you, or someone you admire. Consider nominating yourself, or another member, to help govern and direct our chapter.

What’s in it for you?
There are so many benefits to sitting on the Board – you get just as much out of it as you put in through volunteering: 
  • Leadership experience with the opportunity to manage a team of volunteers. This is great for building your resume and furthering your career.
  • Participating in key decision-making for your portfolio.
  • Networking with fellow communicators at the local, regional and international levels.
  • Putting your stamp on your local IABC chapter.

The time commitment varies by position, but averages about ten hours a month. We are looking for a minimum of a one-year commitment, two years preferred. The Board currently meets the first Thursday of every month. Portfolio meetings are arranged by each Director.

Which roles are open? What is involved?
The following Director positions are open for the 2018-2019 board. Role descriptions are on the website .
  • Director, Finance
  • Director, Professional Development
  • Director, Awards
  • Director, Awards Celebration

Interested in taking on a leadership position on the board? How do you join?
IABC London is committed to a transparent and democratic process of filling vacancies for the Board of Directors. The process might sound boring; but we’re listing it all here so you are fully informed:

1)  The current Board of Directors has struck a Board Selection Committee, comprised of current Past-President Jo Ann Johnston (chair), President Anthea Rowe, President-Elect Andrew Kaszowski and a member-at-large.

2)  The Board Selection Committee is issuing a call for nominations in the next week. Any member in good standing is eligible for nomination. Stay tuned to our eblast, website and social media for lots of promotion of this! ***start thinking now if you want to make the leadership leap***

3)  The deadline for all nominations is 5:00 p.m. Friday, May 4, 2018.

4)  The Board Selection Committee will review all nominations and choose for each vacant position the most qualified candidate based on the following criteria:
  • Member in good standing of IABC
  • Relevant skills, qualifications, work and volunteer experience
  • Answers to personal statements of interest in the role and fit with the IABC London board

5)  The Board Selection Committee will present the full slate of proposed directors of the board for voting by IABC London members no later than May 20, 2018 (30 days before the Annual General Meeting).

6)  All IABC London members in good standing will be eligible to vote on the proposed slate of directors.

7)  The results of the vote will be presented at the Annual General Meeting on June 19, 2018. Location and time to be confirmed.

Stay tuned to your emails and our social media channels for the call for nominations coming this week.

If you have any questions about the IABC London Board of Directors, please contact Past-President Jo Ann Johnston at 519-860-3120 or iabclondonpastprez@gmail.com   
Seeking Silver Leaf Awards coordinators
Be a part of something big!

IABC Canada recognizes the talented, professional communicators working across the country to influence best practices in the field of communications and public relations through the Silver Leaf Awards. Silver Leaf is Canada’s premiere professional awards program celebrating excellence in business communication. It’s a chance for communicators working in all disciplines to receive national industry recognition for outstanding work in the field of communications. Many IABC Canada members view Silver Leaf as a stepping stone to IABC International’s awards program: Gold Quill.
On March 26, IABC fellow and communications professional Priya Bates sat down with members of the IABC London community. Her goal was to share her experiences and advice on how to get "a seat at the table," with senior leaders and decision-makers in organizations. The impetus for the event grew out of conversations between IABC London Chapter President Anthea Rowe and Bates, about the need for communications professionals to better advocate for themselves to be included as strategic business partners, as opposed to merely tactical employees. Read more.
Membership celebrations for March / April 2018
Welcome to our newest members!
  •  Andria Allen-Appeldoorn
  •  Lauren Bus
  •  Michael Janisse
  •  Allison Pirani
  • Rochelle Ten Haaf
  • Jenna Ujiye
Celebrating 15+ Years with IABC
  • Laurie Lashbrook - 30 years
  • Angela Abdallah - 26 years
  • Teresa Hollingsworth - 25 years
  • Keith Marnoch - 19 years
  • Julia Quinton Oosterman – 19 years
  • Jo Ann Johnston - 15 years
Here's a complete list of membership renewals and milestones for March and April.

About IABC
IABC is recognized as the professional association of choice for communicators who aspire to excel in their chosen fields. Our members represent a diverse range of professional experience, educational background and fields of expertise. Each member contributes to our community, offering support and working to elevate our profession. We sincerely appreciate your commitment to IABC! Learn more about membership.
Job Board
Here are the most recent job postings:
For more information on how to post a job with IABC London visit our website here or contact Cassie Caranci, IABC London Job Board Liaison, at iabclondonjobboard@gmail.com.
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