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Hi, Lyon Chapter members:

Last month we reported on the YMCA Alumni’s National Service Project, partnering with the Sioux YMCA on the Cheyenne River Reservation.

I am happy to report that we have raised a little over $518,000 towards the cause, 86 percent of our three-year goal! The YMCA Alumni member campaign has ended for 2022.
There are several ways to be involved in this significant project, certainly with your financial support, also by volunteering on one of the six work weeks. The construction of a new cluster of tiny homes will enable families, volunteers, and staff inhabiting the homes to achieve the stability, independence and strength they need to build a more healthy and vibrant community.

All service weeks include a mix of work, and free time, and the opportunity to learn more about the Sioux YMCA, and the local culture. There will be sightseeing opportunities to experience the Badlands National Park, Custer State Park, Black Hills, Crazy Horse Monument, and more. More information is available by clicking to the Case for Support.

Paul Andresen
Lyon Chapter YMCA Alumni President
Scavenger Hunt in reverse April 28
Thursday, April 28, 2022, 4–5 pm via Zoom

Get some spring in your step as you dash through your house gathering this year’s special items.

A scavenger hunt is a classic game of search and find items on a list, evolved from ancient folk games and popularized in the early 1930s at exclusive New York City parties. The game has evolved into many variations: treasure hunts; egg hunts; letterboxing; geocaching.

In 1992, internet scavenger hunts appeared whereby people from around the world could play in real time online.

But here, we have our very own “Y Camp” version: Reverse Scavenger Hunt.
I have the list. Your job is to bring an empty pillowcase to the Zoom event. You will have a set time to gather items from your household you think might be on the list. All items must fit in the pillowcase.

You will be given further instructions at the time of the event.

Prizes will be awarded to (4) participants whose items most closely match those on the list. Some bonus points may be awarded.

Think broadly. Think boldly. Think function, form, and novelty.
Bring your game! Eat your Wheaties! Drink your latte! Touch your toes!
See you there! It will be lots of fun!

Tisha de Felice, Lyon Chapter Secretary
We blew out the candlelight ..., for now
We helped usher out an era at the Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theatre, a tradition with our chapter and Candlelight’s final performance until they can locate a new venue. The troupe reprised songs from shows they have presented over the past 37 years. We’ll keep our ear to the ground and will be there next year (hopefully) at their new location. 18 Lyon chapter members and guests had a great time at Candlelight Jubilee! Top center is Mick Bollinger, second generation owner/manager.
Paul Andresen with guest Faye Karim and Rizek and Alice Abusharr
Phyllis and Jim Murphy with guests Mel and Nancy Franks
Well…your editor evidently picked a good issue to begin what will be an ongoing feature in Lyon Links: best wishes (belated) to our chapter members who celebrated birthdays in the just-completed quarter.
Maybe January through March are popular birthday months for folks our age. At least that is the case for members of our chapter. Happy belated birthday to:
Rizek Abusharr (Feb.14) * Gwen Cram (March 25) * Patricia de Felice
(March 14) * Jenny Fernando (Jan. 6) * Susan Green (March 12) *
Susan Grogan (March 11) * Tim Hardy (Jan. 6) * Susan Hardy (Jan. 18)
Mary Johnson (Jan. 2) * Lindy Lindeman (March 18) * Sue Marasco
(March 6) * Phyllis Murphy (March 13) * Jim Murphy (Feb. 17) *
Diane Netzel (March 4) * Janice Patrick (March 4) * Jane Smith (Feb. 14) * Jane Stanton (Feb .6) * Nancy Tillman (Feb. 25) * Dale Ventres (March 30)
The 'Big Easy' in November
Make your plans to be in New Orleans for YMCA Alumni Reunion '22, Nov. 2-4. Be sure to register now (click button below) to be eligible for one of 10 $100 bills to spend at one of the reunion's "Dinner with Friends" evenings.
NEW: Winter escape to Costa Rica
Feb. 25-March 3, 2023

'Pyramids Along the Nile' River Cruise,
April 29-May 4, 2023
Chapter leaders
President: Paul Andresen
Treasurer/Membership: Phyllis Murphy
Secretary: Patricia de Felice
International Liaison: Mary Lindeman
Lyon Links Editor: Bob Warnock
National Liaison: John Green
Member-at-Large: Tim Hardy
Member-at-Large: Randy Bolsinger

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