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Our fall reunion in Cleveland. See story below.

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Hello Craig,

I sure hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving. I know I ate too much, but it was all good and being with family was fantastic.

As we continue into this holiday period, we get excited about all that is to come, but let’s not forget those who may not have a time in their life to look forward to. Reach out to your friends and colleagues that have lost someone, have health problems in their family or just need a friendly smile or conversation. This is a tough time of the year for many people.

Most of us YMCA retirees have been blessed many times over. If you have it in your heart to give something extra this year, I have a few ideas.  

As you know, there have been many disasters in our country this year. This has affected many of our colleagues from the YMCA. The Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF), of which YMCA Alumni is a partner, could use a donation from all of us. With all that the YMCA World Service is doing across the globe, there are many needs we could feel good about being a part of today. 

YMCA Alumni’s National Service Project to help the YMCA of the Seven Council Fires (formally the Sioux YMCA) build a Tiny Home Village and Twigs (small Y branches in remote communities) will have raised $600,000 by the end of the year. But, building costs and supplies have seriously escalated so an additional $250,000 is needed to move the project along for this second year. The fundraising campaign runs January-March.

I hope you will consider helping with one or all of these projects or being part of one of the eight volunteer work crews going to the S.D. site in May and September, 2023.

As I end my last year as President of our Chambers Chapter, I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve you and this great chapter. It has been my pleasure to serve, but most of all I have enjoyed getting to know more of you during this time.

I want to especially thank all those who have served on the Executive Committee and those who have provided leadership with all events and projects.

Have a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah and wish you and yours a Happy, Joyous and Prosperous New Year!

Chambers YMCA Alumni Chapter President

Membership Details:

By Dave Patterson

Best wishes go out to these friends and colleagues that will celebrate another “Name Day” before our next newsletter.


John Mack ~ 3 * Lee Patterson ~ 5 * Ginni Going ~ 6 * Ed Thomas ~ 8 Nancy McAtee ~ 11

Laurie Fortune ~ 14 * Gwen Bennett ~ 15 * Kathy Finney ~ 16 * David Reith ~ 21

Tim Shetzer ~ 23 * Susan Fantz ~ 24 * Bob Fortune ~ 25 * Mike Frith ~ 28 * Dick Bennett ~ 29



Theresa Lubke ~ 17 * Kenneth Lloyd ~18 * Donna Pfiester ~ 22 * Louis Primmer ~ 25

Eugene Harris ~ 26 * Hollie Boothe ~ 28 * Faith Settles ~ 28 * Jackie Frith ~ 29

Mary Lou Porter ~ 31



Michael Hammond ~ 2 * Richard Geist ~ 6 * Jean Campbell ~ 8 * Dave Patterson ~ 8

Nancy Gunn ~ 10 * Judith Goodpaster ~ 11 * Dale Fortune ~ 12 * Sally Delisio ~ 13

Pat Reiman ~ 13 * Edwinna Thomas ~ 13 * Bob Phipps ~ 19 * Aimee Byers ~ 20

Jackie Geist ~ 20 * Afaf Saikaly ~ 21 * Ginny Zech ~ 22 * Dick Fullmer ~ 23

Bill McAllister ~ 23 * Rob Johnston ~ 25 * Dave Finney ~ 27 * Kathy Mack ~ 27

Bob & Sue Denzer ~ Mount Vernon, OH * Aaron & Jenny Baumgartner ~ Leipsic, OH

Dick & Julie Bennett ~Painesville, OH * Jason & Hollie Boothe ~ Deshler, OH

Elaine & Gary Broderick ~ Gasport, NY * Jeremy & Aimee Byers ~ Delaware, OH

Jeanne & Rick Campbell ~ North Lawrence, OH * Nick Clark ~ Howard, OH

Steve & Becky Clever ~ Chillicothe, OH * Evelyn Rae Correll ~ Cincinnati, OH

Tammy Crawford ~ Erie, PA * Shirley Culver ~ Tiffin, OH * Susan Fantz~ Lima, OH

John Froelich ~ Felicity, OH * Tom & Adele Gacse ~ Canfield, OH

Richard & Jackie Geist ~ North Bloomfield, OH * Cristen & Drew Gilbert ~ Lexington, OH

Deborah & Chris Goldthorpe ~ Rocky River, OH * Nancy & Dennis Gregory ~Canton, OH

Jennifer & Michael Hammond ~ Kelleys Island, OH * Karen & Joe Hermann ~ AvonLake ,OH

RC Hill ~ Canton, OH * Linda Day-Mackessy & John Mackessy ~ Bexley, OH

Susan McFarland ~ Canton, OH * David & Emily O’Leary ~ Sidney, OH

Stephanie & Ryan Parsons ~ Findlay, OH * Pat & David Reith ~ Louisville, OH

Patricia Reiman ~ Louisville, OH * Jeanne & Robert Rustic ~ Huntsville, OH

Lori & Patrick Schur ~ Maineville, OH * Diana & Todd Semelsberger ~ Canton, OH

Rich & Aime Seward ~ Defiance, OH * Jerry & Sue Seiter ~ Ashland, OH

Adam Shilling ~ Newark, OH * Jim Stanford ~ Canal Fulton, OH

Susan & Jon Tucker ~ Orrville, OH * Paul Waldsmith & Terry Laverty ~ Urbana, OH

Susan Wegelin ~ Elyria, OH * Todd & Carolyn Wynn ~ Hudson, OH

John & Beth Zimmermann ~ Cincinnati, OH

Stay Connected…

A big Thank You to 80 percent of the Chambers Chapter membership that already have RENEWED for 2023.

National Service Project

wraps up first year

By Steve Gunn

All six waves (work weeks) for volunteers are complete for 2022. Congrats to the workers coming from all over the U.S. to go to South Dakota. All foundations have been poured along with the first Tiny home structure up!

Thanks to all the Chambers Chapter members who have volunteered, given a gift/pledge and have supported the project for the YMCA Alumni. We really appreciate each of you.

The funding campaign to raise $250,000 to continue the project for 2023 runs from January 1 until March 31. Watch for a brand new "Case for Support" website and lots of information. We will have met our initial $600,000 goal for 2022.

A report from 'boots on the ground'

Connie and John Clark served as "Boots on the Ground" volunteers this past July, during Wave 4 of our National Service Project. These Chambers Chapter members share some insights regarding their experience in Dupree, South Dakota:


“Fun to meet people from all over the country, interesting people. Makes you aware the Y is not just your Y.


“Life transforming, knowledge transforming. Understanding of what is happening with our indigenous friends really comes home.


“Sense of accomplishment. Got more done than I thought we would."


What impacted you? “The poverty. In the 2010 Census, the county Dupree was the poorest county in the U.S. Extremely proud that with the 2020 Census they moved up to number four from the bottom. They told us they are strong and they will survive and make an impact in the world.”


"Even though it was hot outside, you are not suffering. If you were not building, there were other things you could do. Housing and meals are quite good. Visitor’s lodge owned by the Y is in close walking distance to the job site. There was air conditioning and plenty of water to drink.”


Thank you for giving back, Connie and John. We hope others from our chapter will join them as Boots on the Ground volunteers in 2023. Here are a few highlights regarding the first year of our National Service Project:


·     We have had over 400 pledges/gifts for our YMCA Alumni National Service Project. Gifts from YMCA Alumni, current employees, friends, and families.

·     Total raised to date for the project will be at $600,000.

·     Forty-one Chambers Chapter members have contributed more than $20,000 towards this effort. Thank you.

·     2023 will have 8 waves of workers in May and September.

·     Recent increase in labor costs and materials to build the Tiny Homes have left the entire project short of funds and YMCA Alumni will be raising additional funds to meet this need beginning in January.

·     Steve Gunn wants to say a big "thanks" to everyone who has supported this great project and have volunteered to raise money and/or have gone to South Dakota to work in 2022.

(Photo: John and Connie Clark in Dupree, S.D.) 

Update: Emergency Assistance Fund

By Steve Gunn, Chair

I am so thankful for each of you and your giving to EAF this year. EAF donations nationally are $69,767 to date. We have had a total of 18 givers to the Fund with a total of $3,593 from our chapter. 

There is still time to give and I am asking each of us to give to this worthwhile endeavor. The fund has awarded $179,761 in grants this year. Some 83 $1,000 grants were given to Y colleagues impacted by the recent Florida hurricane. 

The Chambers Chapter is second only to the Weatherford chapter in total giving nationwide. Nancy and I would really like to see those who have given to increase their amount due to recent hardships and for those who have not given, to give now. 

You will never know how much a gift, no matter the amount, can impact our Alumni's lives. Please send checks to EAF-YUSA, 101 N. Wacker Dr., Chicago, IL 60606 or you may contribute securely on-line by clicking the blue button below. Remember to designate your gift to our local William Chambers Chapter. Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

 -- Steve and Nancy Gunn

Donate to EAF

May 17-18 Chillicothe, Ohio

Get ready for fun and fellowship in May with the YMCA Alumni Chambers Chapter Spring Reunion in Chillicothe, Ohio May 17-18, 2023. Chillicothe was the home for many Native Americans and the first capitol of Ohio. Faith Patton-Settles, Julie Kaufmann, and Connie Clark are planning a great time for all of us. Details will follow in the January issue of Chambers Chatter.

Sept. 5-7 Cincinnati or Toledo, Ohio

Three great days of fun fellowship and exploring the great city of Toledo or Cincinnati. (We haven’t quite decided which city, so go ahead and weigh in.)

YMCA World Service:

Consider our partner YMCAs

By Tony Delisio, World Service Chair

“To whom much is given, much more is expected”

We are truly blessed to live in the United States of America. Still the greatest (and free) country in the world. Others are not so lucky. Just consider our brothers and sisters in some of our partner YMCA’s around the globe:


·     Haiti – Bandits have taken over the country, forcing the YMCAs to close. 

·     Russia and Belarus – YMCA staff need to be very careful doing their work, fearful not to be labeled as foreign agents by the government

·     Sri Lanka – Protests and unrest in this country have caused the YMCA CEO to flee for his life and escape into hiding.

·     Ukraine – More than 200 YMCAs in Europe, including 17 still operating in Ukraine, are providing support to internally displaced and refugee youth and families in this war-torn country.


The YMCA remains “one of the windows to the world” for so many young people. Supporting World Service is one way we can share the blessings we have been given – and help young people thrive.

“Christ suffered for you, and left you an example

To have you follow in His footsteps.”


To date, we have received 15 blessings (or gifts) for a total of $2,850 from Chambers Chapter members. Thank you. Our 2022 World Service Goal is to raise $6,000.00. Together, we can get there.


YMCA Alumni have donated $231,714 to World Service in 2022. Overall, this year’s World Service Campaign has raised $3.2 million for our partner YMCAs around the world. YMCA of the USA World Service has received nearly $2 million in contributions (from individuals, organizations, corporations, and foundations) for the on-going crisis in Ukraine.


We know many of you give your gifts at the end of the year. We hope you will consider YMCA World Service as one of the causes you will support. Click the button below to contribute online or you can mail your check to:


    YMCA World Service, c/o Mary Tikalsky, Director

    YMCA of the USA, 101 N. Wacker Dr., Chicago, IL 60606


If you have any questions about World Service, please call me at (614) 581-8417 or email me (Tony Delisio).


Sally and I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And may God continue to bless you and your family.

Donate to World Service

A little bit of history:

Hosting on-leave soldiers during World War I

by Bill McAllister

Mary Miller Hayes was the daughter-in-law of President Rutherford B. Hayes. Mary was one of more than 25,000 volunteers who served to provide recreation, library, bible study, and religious services to soldiers under the YMCA “Red Triangle” during World War I in Europe and in the U.S.. In France, where Mary served, the YMCA ran the Post Exchange providing library services and sold candy, cigarettes, and other personal items to the soldiers.

Mary lived from 1856 – 1935. Engraved on her tombstone is the YMCA name, triangle, and the words: “Librarian and hostess during the world war at the American soldiers leave areas, Aix-Les-Bains and Nice, France.”

Mary’s grave is beside those of President Hayes, his wife Lucy, and other family members, at the Hayes Presidential Center, known as Spiegel Grove, in Fremont, Ohio. After WWI, Mary and her husband Webb endowed the Hayes Foundation that created Hayes Memorial Library which has become the Hayes Presidential Center.

For more information: Home - The YMCA and World War I - Research Guides at University of Minnesota Minneapolis (umn.edu) rbhayes.com

Do you have a need for prayer?

By Tony Delisio, Prayer Chain Chair

Whenever you, a family member or friend is in need of prayer, you can turn to your friends with the Chambers Chapter to help lift up your intentions to God in prayer. Simply contact me with your prayer request and we will send a message to all Chambers Chapter members (via email) asking for prayers and healing.


Please send your Prayer Chain Requests by clicking the button below or call Tony at (614) 581-8417.    


Prayer request

Our Fall Reunion: Rockin' and Rollin'

by John Mack

The Chambers Fall Reunion 2022 was enjoyed by 29 alumni. We came in Tuesday, Sept. 13 for a delicious lunch at Melt Bar and Grill and, of course, a stop for ice cream. Golfers met at Sweetbriar Golf Course. After lunch, we played games and enjoyed some fellowship at Fairfield Inn. Connie went walking at French Creek Preserve.  

Dinner at the Erie Steak and Seafood was a time to socialize with a great view of Lake Erie. The evening message was from Tim Hilk, CEO of the YMCA of Greater Cleveland, who talked on the state of the YMCA both locally and nationally. Five Crowns game back at the hotel dominated the evening with plenty of fellowship.


Wednesday began with breakfast together then off to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Half spent the afternoon at the Rock Hall while the other half took a two-hour tour of the USS Cod, a 312-foot submarine built in the early 1940s. Dinner was held at Parkers Grill and Tavern followed by the Chapter Annual Meeting and Awards presentations. Games and fellowship again went into the night.


Thursday breakfast at the hotel, then a tour of the French Creek YMCA in Avon. Our final lunch at Zoup Eatery and then more ice cream to end a great three days.

Robert Knight Chapter 32 Retired Director of the Year Award 2022 Recipient is Mike Frith

Mike Frith was presented with the Robert Knight YMCA Alumni Chapter 32 Retired Director of the Year for 2022 by immediate Past award winner Steve Gunn at our Fall Reunion in Cleveland. Congratulations Mike for a job well done from our William Chambers Chapter. 

Mike Frith began his career in 1970 at the Knoxville, Tenn. YMCA. Mike had a long career with the Y and worked at 9 YMCAs and finally ended his career at the Gamble-Nippert YMCA as the Senior Executive responsible for the Y Camp and directing the Association Program Cabinet. 

Mike has many interests including service to our Chambers Chapter in a variety of offices including President, Vice President, and Executive Committee representative. Mike and Jackie also are very much involved in their church where they teach classes and lead many bible studies. 

He also has been very involved in Kiwanis, Lions and the local school. 

(Photo: Steve Gunn (R) presents award to Mike Frith in Cleveland)

An editor's note...

by Sue Smith, Chambers Chatter Editor

I’ve really enjoyed reconnecting with my Y colleagues in the Chambers Chapter at the Fall Reunion this past September in Cleveland and then again at the YMCA Alumni Reunion in New Orleans. Two great events with lots of fun and fellowship. Can’t wait for the next chapter reunion in the Spring! Thanks for the opportunity to be of service to the chapter as the newsletter editor. I am a little surprised you wanted someone from across the border but I’m looking forward to working with everyone on this. Wishing a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my YMCA Family. Hope to see you all this Spring in Chillicothe. Good luck to our teams in the College Football Playoffs but most of all Go Blue!  

Chapter leaders

President: Mike Frith

1st VP: Connie Clark

2nd VP: Lowell Nees

Secretary: Glenn Kuhn

Treasurer: John Mack

Immediate Past President: Dick Fullmer

Editor: Sue Smith

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