Merry Christmas
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This year has been unique in the many collective events starting with the COVID-19 virus last winter. It seems like we’ve all been living in caves for much of 2020. 
We don’t have any amazing vacations to share, no YMCA Alumni reunions or gatherings…. just Zoom calls. And raging wildfires, civil unrest and politics.
Dave and I have spent most of this year sequestered in our home. We did venture out to Pensacola, Fla. to spend October on our boat. We worked on it, slept on it, ate on it and rarely left it. We settled back into the routine at home in November.
Marian took a leave of absence from Chaplain work at Presbyterian Hospital for a couple months. Then I learned I could minister from home and so I spent many hours on the phone or on video trying to comfort others who were dying from this dreadful virus. 

The hospital asked me to coordinate its annual Holiday Box program where we reach out to the counselors of Title 1 (really poor) schools. They provide names and wish lists of needy students. Then employees of the hospital choose a family to sponsor and provide a holiday box of gifts. We sponsored 119 families.
What about you? Are you looking forward to 2021 like we all are? Won’t it be wonderful if the vaccine stops the virus and we can begin to mingle with others again?  We plan to join the YMCA Alumni Travel Club on a Viking Ocean Cruise called "Trade Routes of the Middle Ages" in October. Hope you'll consider joining us. Our prayer is that you will stay healthy and well until we can meet again.  

We wish you and yours a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Marian and Dave
Marian and Dave Bolton, Co-Presidents
We remember...
Bob Taylor
Bob Taylor, a legend in the YMCA, passed away in September.

He spent his entire career in the YMCA from Ohio to Colorado where his last position was as a Y-USA consultant. Bob was well-known for writing YMCA region newsletters, for his consulting abilities and for his interest in helping others. Bob was a member of the Grand Canyon Chapter for many years and he will be missed.
Denise Berceli, Tempe, AZ
Dr. Sandra Howard, Centennial, CO
Dr. Jack Joseph, Scottsdale, AZ     
Jim Kauffman, Huntsville, Utah
Steve Courts, Johnstown, CO
Ann Samson, Phoenix, AZ
Gary Forster,  Bellingham, Wash.
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Reunion '22 in
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Fall 2021 Adventures

Sept. 28-Oct.5: Active & Discovery On The Rhine

Oct. 4-18: Trade Routes of the Middle Ages
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