February 2019
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Crossing over to the Red: Kathy Mueller’s journey in non-profit communications
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Make no mistake, even though it seemed a natural move from journalism to communications, it was a steep learning curve for Kathy Mueller when she joined the Canadian Red Cross in 2008. It was a move that would see her relinquish her full-time TV job, where she was the main face of the six o’clock evening news in London, Ontario, for a nine-month contract far from home.

But first, we must go back to 2006. Mueller convinced her news director to send her to Sudan with the local non-profit, Canadian Aid for Southern Sudan (CASS). She reported on the group’s efforts to support the South Sudanese who had begun returning from the north following a long and drawn out civil war.

It was a trip that would forever change the course of Mueller’s life. “There was something about seeing first-hand that people were living without access to the basics of health care, clean water, education, and food, that lit a passion I didn’t know was there,” said Mueller.  Learn more
Prior to going on mission, Canadian Red Cross aid worker Kathy Mueller stocks up on small school supplies to hand out to children. “I always enjoy connecting with the kids,” says Mueller. “It doesn’t matter that we don’t speak the same language, we’re still able to laugh and communicate and, hopefully in some small way, I’m able to help them forget about their troubles for awhile.”
King Data, may I introduce Queen Artificial Intelligence
By: Kerri Loudoun, IABC London Director of Professional Development

artificial intelligence
/ˌärdəˈfiSHəl inˈteləjəns/
  1. the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

This is Google's definition of artificial intelligence. Funny how they include "development of computer systems" in it, but I'll get to their deeper (and pricey) involvement with AI in a little bit.

While some might still be wary of this facet of computer science - and believe that robots could soon become so intelligent they turn hostile towards humans - the fact is that AI is here to stay. And more executives are seeing the real value it can offer them in making key marketing decisions. Learn more.
Ruby Jubilee! You are going to want to be in the room!

Mark the date June 6, 2019 in your calendar and join us at the IABC London Ruby Jubilee! That evening we will celebrate 40 years of making a positive impact in the communications world and a future of inspiring young communicators. 

The Ruby Jubilee: Celebrating 40 year of Impact and Inspiration will bring London’s communications professionals, community leaders and students together for an evening of laughter, networking and recognizing excellence.

Comedian Susan Stewart will have you in stitches while delivering a powerful message about handling the many pressures of the work we do. Everyone will receive a free copy of her book,You Gotta Laugh: Wit & Wisdom About Not Taking Life (Or Yourself) Too Seriously and we have some great door prizes lined up too. For more information on Susan, visit www.susanstewart.ca. Learn more.
I want to stress less!
A Wellness Workshop for Communicators
In partnership with the CMHA Middlesex

Our next Professional Development event "Let's Talk About Stress" is only four sleeps away! If you haven't ordered your ticket yet, you have until Feb 17 at 11:55 p.m. to get it.

Don't miss out on our two surprise guest speakers as they share their experiences living with mental illness and being communicators, and our workshop facilitated by David Small of CMHA Middlesex with ways to help manage stress and emotions in our day-to-day work life. Register now
Have you produced communications projects deserving of recognition? Do you have feedback – positive or negative – on IABC London’s Virtuoso Awards? If you answered yes to either of these questions, we’re listening!

IABC London is taking a 'purposeful pause' on our project-based Virtuoso Awards in 2019 in order to recalibrate. During this pause, we are engaging with you to gain input into your needs and wishes for project-based recognition.

From the format of awards programming, to the judging process, to recognition of winners, we want to hear from you. Our goal is to work collaboratively to build a program that fits our community.

Grow your career as a certified communicator

You have the skills, knowledge and commitment. Now prove it to your employer, your clients or to yourself.

Become a certified communicator. Stand out as a professional.

On March 30 at Western University, you can take the exam to obtain your certification as a:
  • Communication Management Professional (CMP) or
  • Senior Communication Management Professional (SCMP).

Being a certified communicator will not only build trust in your skills, but it will also demonstrate your professional knowledge, your leadership abilities and your strategic mindset. Learn more.
For more information on how to post a job with IABC London visit our website here or contact Cassie Caranci, IABC London Job Board Liaison, at iabclondonjobboard@gmail.com.
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