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From your president...

Hope everyone’s new year is off to a good start! It was great seeing many of you at our spring BBQ at the Warnock’s. A big THANK YOU to Bob and Monica for their hospitality and sharing their ‘special’ yogurt chicken.  

Planning is underway for a fall retreat at YMCA Camp Oakes Sept 15-17 - more information to follow…

The National Service Project is making progress with the first four waves of volunteers in Dupree during May. We are on track to start construction on the next tiny homes as well as to finish out the first one. There is still room, and need, for more volunteers for the fall dates. Please visit the website for all the latest information and keep informed. Details and online registration forms are available at the YMCA National Service Project Website.

Thanks again for your support of YMCA Alumni.

Paul Andresen, Lyon Chapter President

Join us: June 12

Huntington Gardens and Library

Tisha de Felice and Monica Warnock made a scouting trip to the Huntington Library in advance of our Lyon Chapter visit there and here is their report: (left photo above).


We have decided on Monday June 12 instead of Saturday, June 10 because Saturdays at Huntington Gardens are uber-crowded.


The address is 1151 Oxford Rd. in San Marino. Driving directions are a bit complicated. Google it!


We'll meet at the gate at 10 a.m. Senior entry is $21. We'll either go our separate ways depending on interest or not; we'll decide on the spot. We'll meet back at the 1919 Cafe for lunch at noon. They have a great menu there - about $20 for lunch, everything from salads to sandwiches to sushi. This will be an under $50 event! Parking is free.


After lunch we can stay as long as we want. It's absolutely impossible to see everything at the library and gardens in one day. For those whose interests are piqued, we can make return visits at our leisure.


Wheelchairs are available first come, first served and a golf cart tram with eight stops also is provided for the mobility-challenged. 


If traveling from a distance, overnight accommodations at Chateau Warnock are available first come, first served. Call us at 323-313-3043.


*Note Date Change from that previously published


Your Lyon event calendar for 2023


Visit the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino

Monday, June 12


Meet at main gate at 10 a.m.


Annual Chapter Retreat at YMCA Camp Oakes

September 15-17. Details to follow.

We had a great time three years ago at this retreat, but last year we were not able to pull it off, due to the pandemic and our own poor planning. This year here are the dates well in advance.



Annual Christmas Party

Luncheon at Mijares Restaurant in Pasadena, Saturday, Dec. 2, 2023. Details to follow.

On going: Board Meetings

Your Lyon Chapter board meets roughly monthly via Zoom. Our next meeting will be Tuesday August 8, 10-11 a.m.

Chapter members are henceforth invited to attend if you like. Attending a board meeting does NOT mean you’ll necessarily be asked to serve on the board next time election time rolls around, but I wouldn’t rule it out!

Zoom link:

Most of these are in advance, since we don’t anticipate our next Lyon Links to come out before August. Happy advance birthday to:


Tom Willingham, 6/8 * Paul Vener, 6/8 * Tom Cram, 6/20

Monica Warnock, 6/28 * Tisa Blackmore, 7/20

Randy Bolsinger, 7/28 * Steve Thomas, 7/26


Adventures at a glance

Sept. 20-28, 2023 Mackinac Island & Grand Hotel*

Oct. 15-25, 2023: Gems of the Danube & Prague

Jan. 27-Feb. 4, 2024: Winter Warm-up in Caribbean

April 21-May 3, 2024: Atlantic Crossing

May 6-12, 2024: Italy by Rail

Aug. 2-8, 2024: Scottish Dream w/Tattoo**

Sept. 27 - Oct. 4, 2024: America's Music Cities

Jan. 27-Feb. 2: 2025: Alumni Reunion at Sea Cruise

*Mackinac Island & Grand Hotel is sold out. Fill out the form on the trip's web page to join a waiting list in case of cancellations.

**Scottish Dream is sold out. Fill out the form on the trip's web page to join a waiting list in case of cancellations.

Need an endorsement of the YMCA Alumni Travel Club experience? Ask Lyon members John and Susan Green or Phyllis and Jim Murphy who both joined the club's Viking Ocean Cruise last fall and are registered for Scottish Dream in 2024.

YMCA World Service and ISC:

I eagerly said, "Si."

By Lindy Lindeman

What does World Service mean to you? Unlike most of you, my first YMCA ‘paid’ job was overseas as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I grew up active at my local Branch Y in Cleveland, Ohio, and had a BS in Recreation & Parks Administration, so when Peace Corps offered me the opportunity to start the Y in Turrialba, Costa Rica, I eagerly said “Si.”

Then, in 1981, the Cleveland YMCA raised the funds to send me to Spain for two years, in their early stages post-Franco, as a Young Professional Abroad. Back in the USA for three summers I placed college-age students from around the world to work in American summer camps with ICCP (International Camp Counselor Program). This program was a vital bridge, for example, connecting the two Toledos (Sister Cities Ohio with Spain) to bridge a Y partnership and mentorship.

My guess is that few Y members are aware of YMCA World Service, beyond our roots with George Williams in England in 1844. ‘”YMCAs in 120 countries are working to empower young people to build a just, sustainable, equitable and inclusive world, where every person can reach their full potential.”  

The current Y USA World Service Campaign advances “Vision 2030” which goes directly to creating opportunities and make positive change for youth and families through locally led programs, that focus on health and well-being, leadership, preparing for meaningful work, and more. Please click HERE for additional information.

If you are interested in having an active role and direct impact, learn more by connecting with our YMCA Alumni International Service Corps (ISC). This group has connected with YMCAs interested in hosting a Y retiree as a volunteer with expertise to match their specific needs for 2 weeks to 6 months. For example, the young Y in Albania is eager to develop a camping program.

Other opportunities are in childcare, aquatics, strategic planning, and volunteer development. For more information: Visit the ISC info page on our website. You may also email ISC Chair, Wayne Uhrig.

Today there are 39 national YMCAs in Europe. Imagine the collaboration of services provided to meet the needs of all people affected by the war in Ukraine.YMCA Europe Secretary General Juan Simoes Lglesia, started in the YMCA in 1985 as a volunteer camp counselor in Cleveland, and employed by the YMCA since 1988 when he was an intern at Cleveland YMCA. (Juan was National General Secretary of YMCA Spain from 1999 to 2011.) Our paths finally crossed at the 20th YMCA World Council meeting last July in Denmark.  

When asked, I joined the Lyon Chapter Board to continue to advocate for YMCA World Service. Please consider sharing your talents as an ISC Volunteer and donate to Y USA World Service campaign. Thank you in advance for ‘Creating a Better World for All’ (the YMCA World Service Campaign slogan).

(Note: The International Service Corp (ISC) is a program of YMCA Alumni. YMCA World Service is a program of the YMCA of the USA.)

Photo: Lindy in Greece.

Chapter leaders

President: Paul Andresen

Treasurer/Membership: Phyllis Murphy

Secretary: Patricia de Felice

International Liaison: Mary Lindeman

Lyon Links Editor: Bob Warnock

National Liaison: John Green

Member-at-Large: Tim Hardy

Member-at-Large: Randy Bolsinger

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YMCA Alumni Mission:
" enable members to promote a nurturing worldwide Christian Fellowship that provides educational, social, service and charitable opportunities."