Projects are underway to replace four aging and under-capacity culverts in Washington County. 

The new culverts, funded by the gas taxes, are wider and are sized for the local drainage basin and improved passage for native migratory fish. 

The culvert projects and anticipated construction schedules are:

  • 103rd Avenue, between SW Laurel and SW Kennedy streets, through Aug. 10.

  • 112th Avenue, between NW Montreux Lane and NW Leahy Road, Aug. 17-Sept. 14.

  • Dober Road, between SW Iowa Hill and SW Riedweg roads, Aug. 31-Sept. 25

Culverts are drainage structures (similar to bridges) that allow fish passage and water to flow under roadbeds. They are made of concrete, metal or plastic. Most culvert replacement projects require a road closure with detour, as the entire width of the road must be excavated.