Red transit priority lanes and green bike priority lanes are coming to the intersection of 185th Avenue and Cornell Road.

New striping and signs on the right-turn lane on westbound Cornell and the right-turn lane on southbound 185th will allow buses to travel through the intersection to access far-side bus stops and avoid congestion. Portions of the lanes will be painted red. Only buses will be allowed; other vehicles are prohibited.

The transit priority lanes will improve reliability and speed for TriMet’s Line 48 (Cornell Road) and Line 52 (185th Avenue). These high-ridership routes are often delayed during high-traffic periods, particularly during commute hours. A study of traffic impacts and drivers’ response to these lanes will be conducted in the future.

Green bike priority lanes will also be added to the intersection. Just as the red bus priority pavement increases drivers’ awareness of buses, the green pavement increases drivers’ awareness of bicyclists.

Striping work on the priority lanes is expected to occur Tuesday and Wednesday nights (Aug. 18 and 19); sign installation is expected to occur Thursday (Aug. 20). For more information and updated schedules, visit