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Schreiner Chapter members finally get together in person to break bread at Joe T. Garcias in Forth Worth after a two-year forced hiatus. None of us got any older. Photo by Terry Seth.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying 2022 without COVID.
We had a great time at the Spring Gathering in Fort Worth for our Sam Schreiner YMCA Alumni chapter. Everyone enjoyed the activities that were scheduled, but more important seeing everyone and talking to friends you haven’t seen in two years was the best part. Reconnecting with fellow YMCA Alumni members is what our gatherings are all about.
With that said, our Fall Gathering is scheduled for the week of October 11 in Hot Springs, Arkansas and our Spring Gathering 2023 will be in Fredericksburg, Texas the week of April 11. The final dates will be set once we get hotels and activities determined. Please put the dates of October for the Fall gathering and April 2023 on your calendars and come enjoy the good times and reconnect with friends.
Please check out the newsletter for the National Service Project update from Carmelita Gallo and our chapter finances from Jim Heiman. As you can see, our chapter finances are strong and I am really proud of our chapter members' donations to the project.
Take care and God bless.

Sam Schreiner YMCA Alumni Chapter President
Patrick Murphy finally presenting Jean Carmichael with Past President’s gifts after two years of not meeting. Photo by Terry Seth. 
Kathleen and Durwood Owen bid on the "infamous belt buckle" and contributed $1,000 to World Service from the Schreiner Chapter. Photo by Pam Powers. 
Craig and Ellen Schaefer were enjoying the view of Barcelona, Spain as we were starting our Fort Worth gathering. Craig is a member of the YMCA Alumni Travel Club Committee.
Coming right up: Mark your calendars
We'll be heading to Hot Springs, Arkansas in October for a pre-winter warm-up.
Then, it's on to Fredericksburg, Texas in April for our Spring Gathering.
National Service Project:
Ready for prime time
By Carmelita Gallo
After all the strategizing, planning, fundraising, organizing, recruiting and training, the National Service Project will officially launch the week of May 15 in Dupree, S.D.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of the first wave of YMCA Alumni volunteers that will travel to the Sioux Y to begin to create a tiny home community along with some program centers on the reservation. As of this writing, there are 16 volunteers registered to work, rest, learn, sightsee and participate together for “Wave One” in Dupree.

Besides all the work planned, we also will be immersed in a Lakota Tribe cultural exchange that will provide an opportunity to become educated in American Indian culture. I have just learned a sightseeing trip is included during the week.

We will have a chance to hike and explore the incredible Badlands National Park, drive and thread the Needles Highway in Custer State Park and see the faces up close at Mt. Rushmore National Monument. Another exciting part of the first week is the Smudging and Groundbreaking ceremony that will take place mid-week. “Smudging” is a sacred Native American ritual to rid places of negative energy and to bless the site. The ceremony also will include a drum circle and Lakota dancers, Sioux YMCA and Tribal and YMCA Alumni speakers as well as the traditional shoveling of dirt at the build site.

I could not be more excited to experience this firsthand. I will be taking lots of pictures and plan on sharing them with our newsletter editor for a future issue of this newsletter. By the way, we have discovered a glitch in our email "thank you’s" for the YMCA Alumni National Service Project donations. If you or someone you know did not get a thank you the likelihood is that this glitch occurred.

Please let Rich Wallis (, our YMCA Alumni National Service Project record keeper, know and he will get you a "thank you.” Similarly, if anyone needs a hard copy "thank you", let him know and Rich will mail you one. Thanks for helping us tighten up our process.

In the meantime, we would appreciate your prayers for safe travels for our volunteers, good weather, and most of all for a successful first wave of the YMCA Alumni National Service Project. It is not too late to volunteer for one or more of the remaining waves in July and October. Just click HERE if you are interested in an application form.

(Photo: Carmelita Gallo)
Reunion '22: Have you registered yet?
YMCA Alumni Reunion '22 is all set up and waiting for you to register. Dates are Nov. 2-4, 2022 in one of the mnost unique and fun cities in the world: New Orleans.

Be sure to register before July 31 to win one of 10 crisp $100 bills to use on one of the reunion's "Dinner with Friends" nights. Click the button for all details. Join us in the Big Easy.
New adventures from our Travel Club...
Just announced. Take a mid-winter break and join us in tropical, beautiful Costa Rica Feb. 25-March 3, 2023. This affordable adventure to a natural paradise with pricing at $980 pp.
Visit bustling Cairo, the pyramids of Giza, cruise the Nile to Luxor during our Travel Club's "Egypt along the Nile" adventure April 29-May 4, 2023.
Schreiner Chapter Finance Report
Jim Heiman, Treasurer
Jim Heiman, our chapter treasurer, presented a finance report for the period between Sept. 31, 2021 and Feb. 28, 2022 at our chapter gathering in Fort Worth April 6-8. Click button below to read details of the report.
Chapter leaders
President: Terry Seth
VP/Programs: Craig Schaefer
Treasurer: Jim Heiman
Secretary: Pam Power
Editor: Suzanne Mabie
Immediate Past President: Patrick Murphy

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