Volume 1, Issue 13
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The Trucker Tax Letter
"We don't just "do" your taxes, we CUT them"

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A Magic Wand for Cutting your Taxes?

One of the most frequent questions we get here at the Inter-galactic Headquarters of eTruckerTax is... Should I incorporate?


It probably wouldn't be fair for me to say, "Yes, you should definitely incorporate."

At the same time, our own experience shows that incorporating your trucking business, even if you are "just one person", can often be the single best step to legally cutting your income taxes.


And even better, it is one of the few things that pays for itself immediately! (I wish I could find more things that would do that!)

Financial Coach Time...


You know how good coaches are usually famous for making
adjustments during halftime of big games? Well, here I am -- acting as your financial coach in matters tax-related, because we just hit "halftime" for 2015.

You have six months of financial info to use for some quick math about your year as a whole, and to prepare for a pleasant upcoming tax season.

To begin, all you have to do is take your cash flow for the first
half of the year, and multiply by two. Add up your wages,
dividends, interest, and any other income, and then--if this
represents approximately what you're expecting for the second half of the year--double the sum.
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Who's The Smart One Now?


A little boy visited a small a barbershop in his town every
day. The barber liked to joke with his customers that the boy
always fell for the same trick. He'd put a dollar bill in one hand
and two quarters in the other and asked, "Which do you want,
Every time, the boy picked the two quarters. "Two is better
than one," he'd say as he left the shop. One day a customer,
fresh from his haircut, ran into the boy on the street. "Listen,
son," he said, "you ought to know that a dollar is worth twice as
much as two quarters."
"I know," the little boy said.
"Then why do you always pick the two quarters?"
"Because the day I pick the dollar, the game is over!"
From Your Friend, Dennis Bridges
No Annoying Tax Lingo... Just Straight, Easy-To-Follow Expert Advice!

All You Need In Networking


God save us from the "networking experts". Too often, their advice Is unworkable, cliché, or outdated. In my experience, if you want to build yourself a network that can save you when you're down, or give you a boost, here's what you need to do... it's pretty simple, really:

- Build relationships. Don't just focus on what a career
contact can do for you today. Get to know people's needs and interests so you can stay connected for the long term. Working with people who already know you is much easier than building every relationship from scratch.
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Coffee Lovers - Rejoice


Anytime I see research that supports coffee drinking, I like to share it! I know our readers drink a cup or three of coffee in a given day, and the good news is that it may be good for you!

Melanoma. A new study by the National Institutes of Health and the AARP found that the more coffee people drink during the day, the lower their chances of developing melanoma over a 10-year period. Four cups of coffee a day was associated to a 20 percent drop in melanoma risk.

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