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The Radford Report: Politically Correct
It is that time of year when most people want to express their thoughtfulness to colleagues and friends but are not quite sure of how to put their feelings into words without insulting someone.  After reading the first sentence of this article you are probably wondering what I am really trying to say.  Many Americans are being encouraged to speak in a politically correct manner so as not to offend others.          Has political correctness reduced our conversations so that nothing is really being communicated?  Let me offer you an example of politically correct speech that recently happened to me in a restaurant.  I was greeted by a waiter with the term “happy holidays”.  The expression "happy holidays" is used by employees of many businesses and can be found on many greeting cards.  I asked the waiter what he meant by saying happy holidays.  He politely tried to explain himself without naming the holiday.  The waiter became more nervous as I asked him to be more specific about the word holiday.  I finally let the poor waiter relax as I told him that I was not celebrating a holiday but was enjoying Christmas.           The media has indicated that using the word Christmas is not politically correct because I am offending other religions.  I am proud to be politically incorrect because this is Christmas and not just a holiday!  So please have courage and wish everyone that you greet with the words, "Merry Christmas."          To end the restaurant story, I did wish the waiter a Merry Christmas and he responded in the same way with a big smile on his face.   Merry Christmas   
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News in Health: Online Weight Management Gets Personal
The beginning of a new year is often the most popular time to begin new weight management programs.  NIH now offers a research-based tool to help you reach your goals. 

Read more about it here
Mandt Moment: It's a Wonderful Life!
  Check out this article from the Mandt System blog about how self-sacrifice, respectful treatment of co-workers, and focusing on the needs of others can pay off in the long run. 

Click here for the Article
Highlighting Mistakes: A Grading Strategy
Patty Finney discovered a new grading technique on the Teaching Channel.  Using this technique, the teacher highlights problems that have mistakes in them.  This allows the students to wrestle with the math and process through the problem, identifying the mistake independently.  The students also learn to work cooperatively in mastering problem solving skills. This allows them to re-frame their thinking to focus less on the grade they receive and more on how much they are learning.  The example in the video is used in a math class, but Patty says this technique could be applied in many classroom settings.

Watch the Video Here
Thoughts to Ponder
“It’s important to dig deeply for understanding because we as teachers are so familiar with the content that we may lose track of how difficult it is for students to grasp the content. This phenomenon, called the expert blind spot, can be avoided with savvy prediction about where students might get stuck.”            

Jaunine Fouché in “Predicting Student Misconceptions in Science” in Educational Leadership, September 2015 (Vol. 73, #1, p. 60-65),
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