Volume 03 | September 23, 2019
The Guerin Prep Insider
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This newsletter is the Official newsletter of the GPHS Enrollment Office! It is designed to offer Junior High students and their parents an inside look at Guerin College Prep High School. If you would like to speak with the Director of Enrollment about this newsletter or about opportunities at Guerin Prep, please call (708) 437-4732 or email admissions@guerinprep.org .
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Feature Article:
Shadow Students had a great day at GP on Homecoming weekend!!
Guerin was proud to welcome twenty-nine 7th & 8th grade students this past Friday. Could there be a more exciting day to shadow a high school than the Friday of Homecoming week?
Here are a few quotes from 8th grade students who spent the day with us:

We asked: "Do you feel that you learned a lot about Guerin Prep today?

" Yes, I see that even though you have to work hard you can still have fun"
"Yes, I learned how close everyone is"

"Yes, it is a calm place with a great faculty and good students, and it also can get energetic when a event is happening"

"Yeah, because now I know I'll have a good experience if I come here"
Upcoming Admissions Events
Open Houses :
Sunday, October 6th at 1:00pm
Thursday, October 29th at 6:00pm

Shadow Days:
Every Friday now through November

High School Entrance/Placement Exam
Test at Guerin Prep on December 7th at 8:00am
Pre-Registration Opens November 22nd.

Computer Science Academy

ANNOUNCEMENT! Beginning in the 2020 school year, we are formally launching the Computer Science Academy at GP. Modeled after colleges of study within a university, our Academies will allow interested students the unique opportunity to concentrate their electives studies during high school. Through dedicated & focused studies in technology topics such as coding, app design, hardware & software infrastructure, networking, and more, Guerin Prep students interested in careers in technology fields will find themselves superbly prepared for college & career!

Visit our Open House to meet with Mr. Eric Murray, Director of Technology, to learn more.
Recruiter Schedule for the Upcoming Week:
St. Eugene

St. Helen
St. Mary of the Woods

St. John Berchman
St. Andrew

Queen of Angels School
Torres (Acero) School

Questions for our recruiter or Athletic Director?
Bob Lim, Athletic Director can be reached at blim@guerinprep.org