Volume 04 | September 23, 2019
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This newsletter is the Official newsletter of the GPHS Enrollment Office! It is designed to offer Junior High students and their parents an inside look at Guerin College Prep High School. If you would like to speak with the Director of Enrollment about this newsletter or about opportunities at Guerin Prep, please call (708) 437-4732 or email admissions@guerinprep.org .
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Upcoming Admissions Events
Open Houses :
Sunday, October 6th at 1:00pm
Thursday, October 29th at 6:00pm

Shadow Days:
Every Friday now through November

High School Entrance/Placement Exam
Test at Guerin Prep on December 7th at 8:00am
Pre-Registration Opens November 22nd.

Fine Arts Academy

Last week we discussed our innovative Computer Science Academy (click HERE if you missed it). This week we announce our Fine Arts Academy. As many of you know, Guerin has always been a strong Fine Arts School. The innovations in the Academy model will take that to the next level! Keep reading to learn more!

The Fine Arts Academy is designed to provide students, who have expressed a passion for the arts, the opportunity to explore and develop their talents in the Instrumental, Theatrical, Visual and Vocal Arts. The Fine Arts Academy students will participate in a distinct college-preparatory curriculum offering professional arts training. At Guerin Prep, art students acquire the skills and experiences as performers and creators of art needed to pursue further studies at the university level.

The Instrumental Program :
Band, strings, orchestral, wind ensemble, guitar, and group piano classes. Students of all skill levels are welcome, including beginners. Student musicians receive the resources required to develop into serious artists. Access to visiting instructors and master classes expose students to a wide range of teaching styles, methods, and skills. Pitch, rhythm, tone, intonation, and technique are emphasized along with elements of good ensemble performance. Students may perform solo, duet and ensemble works each semester, and everyone is enriched by the collaborative experience.

Theatrical Performance
Our drama classes focus on key areas such as development of the actor’s instrument, collaborative creation of original work, text analysis, scene work, and improvisation. Students study and perform a broad range of theatrical literature . Actors have both formal and informal opportunities to perform in class and our annual full stage production.

Visual Arts
Serving a broad spectrum of students, the visual arts program stresses creativity, production, and relationships to both the arts community and the broader world.
Beginning-level courses are designed to develop the creativity of the student and are challenging within a relaxed atmosphere that is open to experimentation.
As a student progresses through the visual arts, classes become more rigorous. Concept formation and skills development are supported by a curriculum that builds on the student’s personal strengths. Students’ lives are enhanced through artistic development and appreciation. We are also committed to preparing dedicated art students for challenging opportunities at nationally recognized art schools.
Every year, students have meaningful dialogue with visiting artists and teachers and enjoy field trips to the wonderful art museums of Chicago area. Our students participate in various art contests and shows throughout the year.

Vocal Performance
Vocal Performance students dive into the fundamental elements of music, such as: theory, musicianship, history, diction, and piano, as well as classes focused on solo and ensemble singing, such as musical theatre, opera scenes, choral ensembles, and classic voice. Students participate in unique and exciting performance opportunities, such as concerts, opera scenes, and musical productions.
Our vocal performance program offers singing opportunities to students of all levels. Ensembles rehearse during the school day. Courses in theory and ear training provide fundamental knowledge on which to build a repertoire, and private voice lessons are available. Students study theory, acting, conducting and keyboarding. Students are also encouraged to develop as solo artists, with numerous performance opportunities, on and off campus.

Visit our Open House to meet with Mrs. Christine Watts, Fine Arts Department Chair, and the other members of our FA faculty to learn more.
Recruiter Schedule for the Upcoming Week:
Maternity BVM School
St. John Brebeuf

St. Celestine
Locke Elementary School (for Locke, Bridge, Dever, Canty families)

Our Lady of Grace
St. Francis Borgia

St. Luke
Rowe Middle School
St. Francis Xavier Ward
St. Catherine / St. Lucy

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Immaculate Conception (Talcott)

Questions for our recruiter or Athletic Director?
Bob Lim, Athletic Director can be reached at blim@guerinprep.org