Monday Message, May 11, 2020
So much thanks, for our ministry.
Recently a patient reached out to us to say, "I just want to thank you for being there for everyone in Ashland. 
Without your help I wouldn't have been able to afford my insulin or have proper health care. There's not enough words that can express how thankful to God I am for all of you,"
COVID-19 Protocol
ACHC   now offers virtual visits.  In order to protect the staff, themselves, and other patients, people can now “see” the medical provider at ACHC on a video chat format that is HIPAA compliant. This can be done from home or work or even from a car in the parking lot. For patients who do not have the technology to chat on a smart phone or computer, a smart tablet has been donated so a connection can be made with the provider from the parking lot.  
To access this option,  patients simply need to call the Health Center and someone will get basic information, explain how it works, and make arrangements for the visit. We still see people in the Health Center but this is another option to keep the number of physical contacts down and provide convenience for our precious patients.  419-903-0475
Board Member Spotlight
Dr. Roger Snyder, Board President
ACHC Medical Director
Tell us what motivates your involvement at ACHC *
As a primary care physician in Ashland, I recognized many years ago that there were many people in Ashland who were not being properly cared for medically because of a lack of medical insurance and finances. I was delighted to partner with a number of likeminded people from Ashland that recognized that need as well and worked with them to develop a health center. Three things that get me excited about ACHC are its focus on holistic care, maintaining the dignity of our patients, and seeing this as a way to live out our Christian faith.
How does your faith guide you in your daily life, and while serving ACHC?
I realize that everything I have and everything I am is because of God’s grace. I could go into detail but it is enough to say, “Every.Thing.” So as I look at people, many of whom have made bad choices in their lives, for some that is why they are at ACHC, I do not look at the choices as a moral failure but as a seeking for life. I have a message for them that I can first show and then tell, that life is found in my dear friend, Jesus Christ. 

Thank you Dr. Snyder for your years of unending compassion for our patients.
You are blessing to those who seek medical care. We are honored by your servant heart.

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Blessings flow in many ways, and we are thankful.
Thank you friends of the ACHC. We are so thankful for the gifts which are being given. Thank you for your response to the need.
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