Volume 17| December 22, 2019
Middle School News
As you and your families take time to enjoy the holidays together, reflect on the year that passed and look ahead with anticipation to a new year and new decade, I want to thank you for your incredible partnership in support of your children.

Your children's teachers and I love each and every one of them and we feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to LOVE and INSPIRE them to blossom, find their voice and reach their true potential.

Happy Holidays!

Adrianne Finley Odell and the Middle School Faculty
Here We Come a Wassailing!!
The fall semester was brought to a close with our annual Wassail celebration. Students gathered together, Pk through 12th, partnered with their Griffin Buddies or Reading Buddies and tied blankets for Project Linus , which provides blankets for children in hospitals to give them a sense of comfort and home. We then sang holiday songs together and enjoyed cocoa and cookies-- Plus!! a candy cane and special wish from Mrs. Finley Odell for the new year!
Art Abounds!

Sixth graders in Ms.Stein’s art class have been working with the many different ways artists use perspective in their artwork ranging from digital photography, drawing, and a site specific tape installation. Next time you are at Roycemore, walk down to the art wing to see it in person!!
In connection with their humanities essays on heritage, 6th grade made Agamograph selfies. The Agamograph was named after the kinetic artist Yaacov Agam who developed artworks that reveal different images depending on where the viewer stands.
6th graders installing their tape installation demonstrating one point perspective.
Middle School Now Tied for First Place!
Thank you for your Support of the Griffin Fund!!

Middle School is now tied for FIRST PLACE among divisions for participation in the Annual Fund! I love that competitive spirit! But more than that, I love that you GET it! We're at 49%, but let's make it 100%!

Thank you for your vote of confidence in Roycemore and your children by adding your support to other families who have already given! And if you haven't yet made your own commitment to the Annual Fund, there's still time to make a year end gift! Every gift makes a difference and supports our ability to help your child reach their potential! And if your checkbook is a little slim right now, you can make a pledge (can even be a monthly recurring donation- a small amount each month counts too!!) and we'll remind you when the time is right. (To make a pledge, or recurring gift, download the form in the button below).

Here is a link to our website that provides all kinds of information about ways to give (yes, you can donate stock!) to Roycemore and how your gift supports our ability to make a daily difference for your children.

If you have already given, thank you, now encourage your fellow parents to join you and the other 40% of parents who have already made a gift- let's reach 100%!! (The Griffin Thermometer below was designed by lower school student Killian!- thank you Killian!)

Early Childhood Average - 33%
Lower School Average - 49%
Middle School Average - 49%-- YEAH UP FROM 44% LAST WEEK!
Upper School Average - 47%
Mai Oui!

French I
Students in Mme. Michaelson's French I class headed to Berry Pike Café this past Friday where they enjoyed traditional Belgian waffles while maintaining the conversation entirely in French. This field experience was an alternative to a paper and pencil test so that the students could utilize their new language skills out in the real world.  

French-Drama Workshop
The sixth graders in French-Drama workshop welcomed Eva-Rae's grandmother to class to share about winter traditions from her home country of Austria. She brought in traditional homemade cookies and shared stories from her childhood. Her visit came at the end of an investigative unit on celebrations from around the world in which the students presented on a celebration of their choice entirely in French.

The Seventh and Eighth Grade students ended their semester with a group text analysis project for Fahrenheit 451. You can see the final product on the  Humanities Facebook page , and it will be displayed in the MPR after Winter Break. 
In fifth grade humanities students finished reading  The City of Ember  and started the final project, a Specialized Worker Story. Just like in the book, each student was assigned a job and had to figure out how they contribute to our society of Roycemoria. Fifth grade parents and grandparents came in throughout the week to talk about their job and what special skills are needed to be successful. 
Sixth Grade and Reading Buddies ended the semester with a joint pajama party. They built houses, ate snacks and danced the morning away. 

Middle School House competition this past week involved assembling and decorating gingerbread houses. House Leaders organized the groups, assigning each student a task. They were kind and mindful of including everyone. The job for some of the students involved waiting to decorate parts of the gingerbread house.

A special appearance was made by Lucy the dog who was on hand to help calm students who were taking exams-- turns out, she helped calm non-exam takers as well!!

At the conclusion of the decorating everyone participated in cleaning up the sticky mess. Best activity ever. Kudos to leadership, teamwork, and respect!

High school students, visitors and non house-sponsor faculty members voted on the "cutest" and "most creative" with the following results:


1st place: Grand Griffin
2nd place: Griffin Rouge
3rd place: Goldstein

Most Creative

1st place: Grand Griffin
2nd place: Griffindor
3rd place: Griffin Rouge

Middle School Social Outing- BRRRR!!! but Fun!

Students enjoyed skating, snacks, and each others' company on the Middle School Social Outing to the Christindlmarket in Wrigleyville a couple of weeks ago. Pasha even made sure to get a collector's "boot" mug!
Sports and Clubs this coming week!!*

Upcoming Dates

  • Dec. 21- Jan. 5- Winter Break
  • Jan. 6- School Resumes
  • Jan. 6.- Grades & Report Cards Sent for 1st semester
  • Jan. 15- Re-enrollment opens for 20-21 school year
  • Jan. 20 NO SCHOOL- MLK Day
  • Jan. 21-21- Experience Week for MS
  • Jan. 28.- Admission Open House- Spread the Word!!
  • Jan. 31- Priority Application Deadline for new families
  • Mar. 2.- Priority Sliding Scale Application Deadline

Second Semester MS Clubs and Activities

2:00pm - 3:00pm on Thursdays
How Long:
11 sessions (January 9th - March 27th)
No Class: January 23rd
Deadline to sign up, Jan. 6

Students will practice foundational computer programming concepts in Scratch by building games and creating animations. Each week students will complete a new project designed to develop their creative problem solving skills using technology.
New Baking Club
Starting in January!!

We're excited to announce a new Baking Club hosted by HandCut's Own, Chef Lily on Tuesdays after school starting January 14th! Chef Lily is a trained pastry chef and is looking forward to sharing her expertise with Roycemore Middle School students. Space is limited, download the flyer attached below to learn more and to register.
Violin and Ukulele Lessons + More!
Chicago School of Musical Arts is pleased to offer Ukulele and Violin Classes (January 6 - May 29, 2020). Ongoing private instruction is also available in many disciplines. All instructors are experts in their field and are excited to teach your children!
For further information and to register, please click  here !

Middle School Community Guidelines
We will create a community in Roycemore’s middle school based on RESPECT. We will respect ourselves, our space, and our peers. In doing so, we will assume the best intentions of others and create a space where we are welcomed, feel we belong, and are known!
(created by representatives from each grade 2019-20)
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