While you're reading this issue of the Eleven, my monthly e-letter where I share my latest thinking and a call to action - I'm probably mopping up and packing up from another exciting Oregon Country Fair. Each year I attend a bunch of festivals. It's one of the great things about living in Oregon - Summers filled with music and frolicking in the forests and deserts! 
Beautiful mobile at OCF
Mobile at OCF 2015

I've already had a good share of fun. Though this year's Summer Solstice Healing Retreat at Breitenbush was a bit soggy, and I arrived with food poisoning, I still had a lovely time. One highlight was the amazing "backstage cafe" on Saturday night. This has been a tradition for a few years, started by Amira. I got to orchestrate things this time round and we musicians did a song-circle in the North Wing of the lodge for 4 hours straight. We got to hear the wonderful Ben Bochner, Bryan and Nina, and Cassandra Robertson shared songs from her new album Be Yourself

Then, there was John Magryta's incredible camp-out in Mosier, Oregon! I got to share the woods and an incredible swimming hole with some of my favorite friends.

But life is not all play. Oh no. I'm busy learning and teaching the art of on-line marketing. I've got a bunch of classes and webinars this Summer.  Lately, I've been reading more about the world of marketing small businesses. The rate of change is incredible. Something what worked well for a while suddenly doesn't work at all. New tools and platforms and changes to existing ones rain down steadily, and I do my best to keep my clients and friends (often the two are one and the same :) - up to date.  If you don't get my business emails and want to, let me know. And, if you get my business emails and DON'T WANT TO - please let me know, as well.  

Regarding business, right now I'm especially looking for help in branding. I have tired of the whole Albertideation thing and want to transition to Albert Kaufman or simply - Albert :)  I'm looking at examples of people who I think do this well - my friends, Lynn Ruby (on the left) and Michael Katz (on the right), have both done some good thinking - and I want my fun graphics and tagline, too!  If you have skills in this area, please write back with an example of your work or ideas!  Thanks! 


Michael Katz

Wow, politically?  I'm following things like most people. I'm a bit sad that Bernie Sanders didn't just sweep into power. I'm hopeful that his influence will continue - here's to a lot more progressives being elected to powerful positions in government at all levels. I've mostly been spending volunteer time on NextDoor.com - talking to my neighbors about issues I care about. 

1. Disengaging one's car fob from the car horn - for a quieter world. 
2. Trying to get the US National Guard Air Base relocated to Eastern Oregon
3. The new LED streetlights in Portland are incredibly glaring - figuring out how to convince the City to pay for better lights.

I'm having a ton of fun with my Song A Day offering.  If you want to try it out, please let me know. I'm up to song 75 and I've got 95 subscribers.  It's been a joy to create this and I love the feedback I'm getting.  

That feels like a good update.  I hope life is treating you well. 

Have a great connected, love-filled, healthy food and music-filled Summer.


Sing a long with Albert