December 2017
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Message from our Board Chair 

The holiday season is upon us, and as we approach the end of 2017, I am reflecting on how blessed I am to be a part of HCI.  I feel so supported in the work I do because of their efforts to create for us resources that are truly helpful.  They also provide the opportunity to meet face-to-face every year with other club directors from around the country who share my passion for serving my customers and providing amazing travel opportunities.  And, through HCI, I am part of a family of buyers and partners who care as much about my success as they do their own.

Please make sure to renew your HCI membership, and continue to engage with this fabulous organization.  The best way to stay involved is to attend Peer Group in Branson.  I know, you're thinking, "I've been to Branson so many times...."  Well, you can never go wrong with Branson.  And, there is always something new to see.  Join the Pre-FAM tour before the conference to experience some of the exciting new attractions and destinations in the surrounding area. You're sure to discover new reasons to bring your group back to Branson.  Even Rob Callahan from First Midwest Bank in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, took his members to Branson again last month because there's just so much to do and see.  You'll find out for yourself when you come to Peer Group.
I want to wish all members of the HCI family a very blessed holiday season.

Valerie Kelsey, CBCD 


Let Tina know if you do.

We want to help our club directors develop these programs at their banks and would love to learn more about your plans and programs. We can rely on each other to make our banks better for employees and customers.

Membership Renewal is Now Open Online

The renewal forms can be completed quickly electronically, and will save time and expense.  If you don't remember how to do it, follow these   instructions. You will want to click on  Renew until 01 Jan 2019
If you don't have your password, click the Forgot Password link and an email will be sent to you with simple instructions for resetting it. Once logged in, you will be able to renew your membership.  If you do not have an existing membership in the database even though you have had an HCI membership in the past, don't worry. It is likely that the membership has not been activated in the new database.  Simply contact Tina Goeske at 877-881-0229 to have it activated.  The annual renewal fee is $100, but may be waived by having 15 passengers travel with an HCI Preferred Tour Operator. If you are not able to renew online, contact Tina for assistance.

There's still time to register.  You won't want to miss it!!

Member Spotlight: Nancy Nunley 
First National Bank and Trust
Okmulgee, OK
Nancy Nunley
has been the director of the First Priority Club for a y ear and a half, and she is having a great time.  "It is such a change from being a teller," she says.  She had been working as a teller for three years when her niece, who worked in another branch, saw a posting for the position and thought of Nancy.  Nancy got the job and is now working hard to grow her club and make it the best it can be with monthly movies, bi-monthly lunches and annual bingo events.  Her parents owned a restaurant while she was young, so (of course!) she cooks all the meals for the lunches herself.  Whew! In addition to great food, Nancy brings in entertainers and gives away door prizes.  No wonder she usually has 60-90 people attend.

After 22 years with her husband, he was diagnosed with Leukemia and passed away just nine days later in December of 2014.  This was a shock that "knocked my legs out from under me," she says, "But, you pick yourself up and dust yourself off."  She regrets that she never got to travel with her husband and so she particularly enjoys the travel aspect of her job, saying "I love the trips!"  She had her very first international trip in April which was to the Netherlands with Globus.  With just five passengers, it was the perfect way for her to experience leading a group for the first time.  Her next international adventure will be with 25 passengers on a trip to Ireland with Collette in March.

Nancy was excited to participate in the Fall Forum Training event in Bettendorf last month, saying it "was awesome."  "It was a location that I had never been to so the tour of the quad cities was very interesting.  I really enjoyed getting to meet fellow HCI members, and the training that Ted (Nelson) did was so helpful.  I am very glad that I got the opportunity to attend."

HCI continually strives to be the premier bank marketing organization, and this is just another opportunity to provide our members with education and resources to succeed.
Partner Profile: CTN Travels

Rick Pharr
If you're looking for a custom-built trip for your group, Rick Pharr of CTN Travels is the man you want to talk to.  He has been with HCI since the beginning, and over the 20+ years of caring for club directors and their members, he has learned how to provide a great experience for bank group travelers.  He handles everything so the club director can enjoy the trip and interact with his or her bank customers.  Whether you're looking to do something in the US or abroad, Rick can create an amazing itinerary for you that is sure to please.  Some favorites include a trip through Kentucky to take in the races, a Colorado motorcoach tour that includes multiple scenic train rides through the mountains and a West Coast tour of California, Oregon and Washington.  Let Rick show you how easy and affordable group travel can be.

The CTN Travels international tour directors are accomplished, skilled and passionate about taking care of their groups. They are fluent in the language of the country you are visiting and ensure that everything is paid for in advance so the club director doesn't have to worry about anything but mingling with their customers and enjoying the trip.

Diane Susong, CBCD, club director at Home State Bank in Crystal Lake, Illinois, has used CTN for years.  She had two trips with Rick this year and has some advice for you as you plan your next ones.

Words cannot explain how wonderful our tours have been with CTN Travels.  This year Rick planned my winter-get-away on a Caribbean Cruise out of New Orleans just before Mardi Gras and, boy, did we have fun during our 3-night stay in New Orleans - I even got several of my members to go to Bourbon Street one night.  Unfortunately, I had several last-minute cancellations due to illnesses and hospital stays, but Rick & Carol didn't skip a beat.  They made sure my tour would go and booked a smaller executive bus for us while in New Orleans.  We stayed in the business district at a bank that was converted into a hotel.  How cool to be a bank group staying in an old bank...

Next, Rick planned my 5th annual Mystery Tour to Cleveland, Ohio.  It was one of the best ones yet.  The itinerary was well planned with so many wonderful things to do.  Who knew there was so much to do in Cleveland?  Rick and I did...  Rick has planned 4 out of my five Mystery Tours.  The first was only one night so, I planned that one.  I have gone from a 1-night getaway to a 3-night getaway, and next year Rick and I are working on a 4-night getaway for my Mystery Tour.  Both Rick and I have gained the trust of my members, so much so that they are already asking when I am going to put clues in the newsletter for next year's tour.  If you have never done a Mystery Tour, start small like I did and work your way up, but don't forget to use Rick Pharr from CTN Travels.  He will take your dreams and turn them into reality for you and your members!

Rick has been with HCI since the beginning and he still loves coming to Peer Group every year.  Having been in the travel industry for over 40 years, Rick has been to many other shows, but, he says, "There is nothing like the camaraderie or banker education that you get at Peer Group."  He especially enjoyed seeing everyone take the new directors under their wings at last year's event.  "It is a really good format, it's done well and it has tremendous relevance in the industry."

Contact Rick at 800-596-8687 or
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