November 2017
                       Happy Thanksgiving
Message from our Board Chair 

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am very thankful for my HCI family and for the relationships that I have with the bankers and travel partners who I have come to know and love through HCI.  Recently, I have had two incidents occur while on international trips that would have been catastrophic were it not for the expertise and personal commitment from our PTOs.  These partners are here to support us, sometimes rescue us, and always make us look like rock stars to our customers.  Like family, they're here for us when we need them.  Always consider an HCI travel partner for your club's trips!

Speaking of family, don't forget to register by November 15 for the HCI "family reunion" that we call Peer Group.  This is the deadline for being eligible for the $200 rebate.  We always look for ways to save money for ourselves and our banks, and this an easy way to save big money.  If you take advantage of this rebate, your final cost for registration will only be $485 (with double occupancy) for a full week of education, networking and fun that you simply cannot get anywhere else.  Don't miss out - sign up today.  
Valerie Kelsey, CBCD    

This is the last month that you can qualify for a $100 discount on your registration.  Don't miss out! Just register and pay by 11/15/17  (That's 2 weeks from today!)

Member Spotlight: Connie Brown 
Kerndt Brothers Savings Bank
Lansing, IA
Connie Brown became involved with Heritage Club back in 1990, after she attended a 3-day training session in Charles City, Iowa.  At that time, Shirley Darling was the director for Kerndt Brothers Heritage Club, and Connie was her assistant.  The training was a great asset in helping the club grow and become what it is today.

With Shirley's retirement in 2005, Connie became the Club Director.  The club has traveled to many foreign countries and points of interest within the United States, attended numerous dinner theatres, and survived several Mystery Trips throughout the years.  Connie would say her favorite would be their trip to Ireland, where the scenery is breathtaking and the people absolutely wonderful.

As a people person, Connie has found that the Heritage Club has been very rewarding for her.  She is able to help make customers's dreams come true by taking them places to which they would not travel on their own.  She is also grateful for the many friendships she has acquired through the years and the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world with the Heritage Club.

Connie attended the 2017 Peer Conference in Vermont this past March. She was happy to see that Heritage Club International continues to focus on training that help grow bank clubs across America.  She found the conference to be inspiring as well as warm and friendly with the help of the other delegates and members of the conference.  She is hoping the enthusiasm she brought back in March will help management to see the benefit of attending the Peer Conference each year.

In February, Connie plans to take her club to Hawaii with Susan and Russ Rosenberry from Islands in the Sun.  She has heard great things about their trips and is looking forward to a fantastic time.  She has several day trips planned for 2018 and is hoping to top off the holiday season with a trip to Branson in November.  Connie wants to keep her members traveling because as they say, "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page!"
Partner Profile: Courtyard by Marriott Gettysburg

Jeanne Hart
Je anne Hart represents the two newest accommodations in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania - the Courtyard by Marriot Gettysburg and the Wyndham Gettysburg .  Both hotels were built in 2006; and the Courtyard was renovated in 2015.  They are situated right next door to each other in this beautiful city that is the site of the famous Civil War battlefield. You will be impressed by both properties and appreciate the easy access they afford you to the local attractions, including the Gettysburg National Military Park & Museum , the Eisenhower National Historic Site and the Gettysburg Heritage Center , as well as an 8-theatre entertainment complex and a microbrew restaurant.
When planning your trip to Gettysburg, you will want to be certain to reach out to Jeanne for assistance in planning your groups' itinerary.  She has been working in tourism and hospitality in Gettysburg for 22 years.  She would love to help you build a custom plan to delight your members.  W hile Gettsyburg is best known for its Civil War history, it is also famous for its agricultural accomplishments and has many wineries and dis tilleries to tour and enjoy.  Jeanne likes to recommend a fun 3-day culinary itinerary that will allow your group to dine with iconic Americans Abraham Lincoln, General Lee and Mamie Eisenhower, and includes a trip into Washington DC.

Of c ourse, you wouldn't visit Gettysburg without taking in some of its main attractions like the Gettysburg Cyclorama, touring the Gettysburg Battlefield or watching educational and inspiring period presentations.  These attractions commemorate the Civil War battle that took the lives of 50,000 men in just three days and introduce you to the interesting culture and people of Gettysburg who lived in its aftermath 150 years ago.

Whether you are looking for budget-sensitive accommodations or want to stay in Gettysburg-themed grandeur, Jeanne can give your group a relaxing and comfortable hotel and help you select the best tours and experiences for your one-of-a-kind club members.  Contact her at 717-334-5600 or


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