Heritage Connections
November 2016
Welcome to our new HCI Club Directors 

We have several new club directors who have recently joined HCI that we would like to introduce to you
Kathy Bengtson 
Iowa Falls State Bank
Iowa Falls, IA

Diane Bieker 
C itizens National Bank
Concordia, KS

Diane Evenson  
Bank of Commerce
East Bethel, MN 

Denise Haptonstahl 
F&M Bank
Galesburg, IL

Linda Heflin
HomeStar Bank & Financial Services 
Manteno, IL

Nancy Nunley
First National Bank & Trust
Okmulgee, OK  

Be sure to introduce yourself to them when you see them at Fall Forum and Peer Group.
If you are a new club director and we didn't include you in this list, please let us know.


The Early Bird has been extended for just a few more days. Register by November 4 to qualify for the $200 rebate. The HCI Event Page has links to the conference schedule, the pre-FAM Sightseeing Tour description, and the Club Director Peer Group registration form. If you have other questions, contact Tina Goeske at 877-881-0229.

Partner Profile: Real Racine
Eileen Arnold
Real Racine
Founded in 1848, Racine, Wisconsin, is conveniently located on the shores of Lake Michigan just 25 miles south of Mil
waukee and 65 miles north of the Chicago's O'Hare airport. The Real Racine Visitors Center has been in existence since 1983, and was established as the Greater Racine Convention and Visitors Bureau. The non-profit organization has five full-time and six part-time employees and is funded in large part by a portion of the room tax collected from the area hotels.
Eileen Arnold has been at the Real Racine Visitors Center as a full-time employee for eleven years and loves her job as the meetings/group tour sales director. "I enjoy all the travel that is involved with my job and love meeting all the different folks in all the wonderful cities I am able to travel to." She is also a proud member of Circle Wisconsin and serves as the president of its board.

Racine County, Wisconsin boasts a variety of architectural and cultural attractions. It features the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright's largest commercial project, the SC Johnson Administration Building, including the Research Tower. Also on the SC Johnson campus, is Fortaleza Hall, which opened in 2010. Fortaleza Hall is a
testament to SC Johnson's rich history and honors the spirit of adventure and highlights the landmark expeditions to Brazil by the late fourth generation leader Sam Johnson and his father, H.F. Johnson, Jr. Fortaleza Hall also gives the history of the SC Johnson company and family throughout the over 120 years that they have been in business. Racine can also boast Frank Lloyd Wright's largest residential project, Wingspread. All of these offer free tours.

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Member Spotlight: Stacy Meyer 
Central Bank  
Storm Lake, IA
Stacy Meyer is very active with HCI. She currently serves on the Advisory Board and is the Chair of the Veterans Task Force. She started at Central Bank 19 years ago as a teller and is now a personal banker and the director of the Emerald Club. As a horse lover, Stacy is very excited that Rick Pharr with CTN Travels will be leading her club on a horse-themed motor coach tour to Kentucky next May. They will be visiting ranches and equine museums in addition to taking in a race at Churchill Downs.
Stacy has enjoyed being a part of Heritage Clubs for most of her fifteen years as a club director. She finds that attending HCI events "recharges my batteries." She thinks it is great to be able to spend an extended amount of time with other club directors and get new ideas from them.

As the Chair of the task force that is collecting stories from our current and retired club directors, she is excited to hear from all of you and encourages you to send in your story. If you haven't heard, we are giving away a $50 gift card and everyone who submits a story is eligible to be in the drawing for this prize.

If you've known Stacy for any length of time, you are familiar with her easy smile and great sense of humor. She thought you might enjoy reading her response to a job description that she saw posted for a bank club director position. We hope you find it entertaining and that it inspires you to send us your story today!

Bank Club Director: Physical Environment
"The position involves sedentary work in which the employee will be sitting most of the time. Walking and standing are required occasionally. Interacting with co-workers, operating standard office equipment, and performing repetitive motions and duties are all involved in this position."
REALLY?!?!?!?  I think it is time to update this information! Here are a few suggestions:

1. You must be able to walk steady and not fall in anyone's lap while passing out treats and games up and down the aisles of a motor coach as it winds through towns or across the bumps and turns of a highway. And if someone drops their sunglasses, you must be able to get down on your hands and knees in the narrow aisle, and stick your head under their seat in the dark to find them. Then gracefully get back up and brush yourself off!

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