October 2017
Message from our Board Chair 

Happy Autumn!  Mother Nature has decided to give us a few more days of summer weather before we start to see the cooler fall temperatures.  I hope that you are enjoying them.  

Life can be such an adventure.  It can throw you meat balls or curve balls, and sometimes it is hard to adjust our swing in time to avoid getting hit by one of them.  When this happens, and you want some encouragement, pick up This Is Us - the collection of stories from HCI club directors. It is full of great stories that brings smiles and inspirations. This is an excerpt from "Yes, I Can!" written by Stacy Meyer, CBCD from Storm Lake, Iowa.  

"I guess sometimes, even when you're afraid and think you can't do something, you might not have the option to quit.  You have to just give it your all, and you do it.  And in the end, when things turn out well, it's nice to know that "'Yes.....I can!'"

I hope that you find this to be an encouragement today, if that's what you need.  If you're the one doing great, reach out to someone who isn't and let them know that you believe in them.  Your kind word could be just what that person needs to hear right now.

Valerie Kelsey, CBCD    

You won't want to miss the 2018 HCI Peer Group conference in Branson, March 12 - 16, 2018. Check it out and sign up today.  The price goes up on November 16, so save $100 by getting it done today.

You can't attend if you're not a member, so join today by completing the application. The cost is $350. If you join now, your membership is good through 2018.

For assistance, contact Tina Goeske at 952-835-6543.

Member Spotlight: Mary Ann Gelven 
Legends Bank
Linn, MO
Mary Ann Gelven is new to Heritage Clubs International even though she has been the Advantage Club director at Legends Bank for the past nine years. After having retired from a career in Information Technology, she started working part-time at the bank and then took over the club when its founder retired in 2008. She has been friends with Rob Callahan (HCI club director at First Midwest Bank in Poplar Bluff, MO) who introduced her to HCI.
Even though Mary Ann is new to HCI, she is a well-experienced director. She has 900 travel club members and she loves giving them the opportunity to travel well. She feels strongly that you have to earn your members business and "give them a reason to want to belong to the club." Her bank is about 20 miles from Jefferson City where there are many bank travel clubs so she works hard to make her members feel special. It took her three years to prove herself to her members, but they now know that they can count on Mary Ann to consistently provide high-quality trips. "Senior citizens are wise," she says, "If they love to travel, they will shop around, so you have to offer something special or they'll go someplace else." The Advantage Club plans 10-11 trips each year, over half of which are day trips that include mystery, ladies' day out and grandparents' trips where members bring their grandkids along. They also have multiple overnight trips and 2 extended trips each year, but she focuses on domestic trips and cruises into international ports because her bank doesn't allow trips with flights into international airports. She also hosts quarterly lunch and learn events with bingo, catered meals and guest speakers. Her hard work has enabled her to build a strong membership base and vibrant club despite the challenges that she faces from internal restrictions and stiff competition.

Mary Ann has been to other travel conferences and sees the same thing over and over. She is looking forward to attending Peer Group to experience something new and in-depth. We are excited to meet her in person and show her just how amazing the HCI family is.
Partner Profile: Collette
Traveling with Collette comes with benefits that take the guided travel experience to another level.  Our inclusive tours simply offer more value for your money, a more recognized brand (we've been giving away the grand prize on Wheel of Fortune for more than a decade), more quality hotels and more included experiences for you & your travelers.

Jim Edwards

Celebrating our Centennial year in 2018, our main focus continues to be on service and quality and giving you more of what makes travel special.

        • More Peace of Mind:  with our 'cancel for any reason' Travel Protection
        • More Expertise:  with our Professional Tour Managers who are rated the best, 'In-House Tour Designers' as well as our Local Experts and Guides
        • More included on Tour:  with more Must-See Inclusions * Cultural Immersions (such as Flamenco in Seville) * Amazing Accommodations & Culinary Inclusions
        • More Flexibility:  with 'It's Your Choice' which is included in our tours....you decide!
As North America's most experienced tour operator, we have built relationships all over the world.  
Our knowledge & buying power allow us to pass the value on to you.  
  • Debt free & family-run since 1918 offering travel to all 7 continents & over 160 itineraries.
  • An award-winning tour operator recognized by The Travvy & Magellan Awards for top guided tours and the top tour guides! 
We consider everyone who travels with us to be a personal guest, and we're with you every step of the way. Every interaction, every photo op, every moment matters to us because we know it matters to you and your clients. This may be because we are a family-owned company that has been in business for nearly 100 years.  It may be because we hire people with a passion for sharing their own love of travel.  It may be because we don't know any other way to do what we do.
Allow us to share how Collette gives you and your clients MORE and how it will make your job of fulfilling travel dreams easier.
Omni Mount Washington Resort
Bretton Woods, NH  
Banff Springs Hotel
Alberta, Canada 
Here is what one HCI Club Director has to say about her experience with Collette...

I have enjoyed traveling with Collette for many years now and will definitely continue to book tours for a number of reasons. My standards are set pretty high for the type of travel I want to offer to my customers. The worldwide, luxury destinations that are offered through Collette certainly give me plenty of options for all types of my travelers. One of the most frequent comments from my customers is how much they enjoy the professional guides while on tour. The fact that Collette does not have freelance guides always makes a huge impact on the experience of the tour. The knowledge and personal experiences shared by their tour managers is always exceptional. I always look forward to the cultural entertainment and unique experiences we will partake in on each tour. My customers always enjoy exploring local life while traveling.
Being able to tell my folks that with Collette, they can cancel for any reason, is a great offering. You never know what life is going to toss your way so this gives them a comforting piece of mind.  
-Doreen McKinney, CBCD Mascoma Savings Bank, Lebanon, NH 
   Contact Jim Edwards of Collette at 800-222-5679 or jedwards@collette.com.  
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