Dear Great Hearts Irving Families,

Recently, our Lower School teachers and scholars celebrated their annual Storybook Festival. Storybook Festival is a day of fun and excitement for our students, but it serves a nobler end as well.

The stories we tell our children are full of heroes and heroines. We hold those characters up as exemplars of virtue.

Our stories have heroes in them because the imaginary worlds of stories are meant to help us understand the real world, and the real world itself is full of heroes as well. Much of the time, the acts of heroism all around us are invisible, as the everyday heroes in our community perform humble acts of service as they go about their daily lives. But in times such as the one in which we are living, we are seeing heroes rise up courageously in the face of adversity.
Our Heroic Teachers

Our teachers have shown heroic fortitude and perseverance in steadfastly upholding the quality of this education in the face of extraordinary challenges.

They are your children's heroes.
To conduct their synchronous Zoom lessons with our Distance Learners each day, our teachers find any private space they can around our building.
Ms. Fougerousse braves the weather each day in our courtyard for her K-2nd Music classes so that our scholars can practice singing safely.
Our Heroic Scholars

Our students too have shown incredible courage in meeting the challenges they have faced since last spring. Throughout, our students have shown real virtue no matter what we've asked of them.
Our Heroic Parents

We know that this time has not been easy on you either, parents, and we are grateful for the sacrifices you have made and the heroic virtue you have shown in helping your children keep up with their learning from home.
Our Heroic Community

As you may know, Great Hearts Irving depends on the generosity of our families. Thank you to all who understand the vital importance of supporting our school monetarily and the heroic gifts that have already been given.

We know that this is a difficult time for many families, and not everyone will be able to give the same amount. That is why we are here to tell you, that...
When you give to Great Hearts Irving, you are performing a heroic act of generosity and service to our teachers, our scholars, our parents, and our entire school community.
For more information about giving to Great Hearts Irving, visit

Keo Strull
Director of Academy Giving
Great Hearts Irving