Jackie Lorens Harris curbside social service center

As soon as COVID-19 hit Chicago and the stay-at-home order was in place, Chicago Lights Social Service Center team members came together to ensure we could continue to meet the needs of some of Chicago’s most vulnerable. Respect, food, clothing, and hygiene items should not be hard to come by, but our guests would go without if not for our curbside services. 

Leading the charge is Jackie Lorens Harris, Director of the Chicago Lights Social Service Center.

Jackie was recently featured in  Authority Magazine's "Heroes of the Homeless Crisis" series , where she addresses the challenges of homelessness and what we can do to help, including supporting comprehensive programming through the Chicago Lights Social Service Center.

Trust me. As a supporter of Chicago Lights and as a civically engaged and compassionate Chicagoan, you want to read this article. I have been doing this work for many years--several of those years with Jackie. She has taught me many things about social justice and pushing the status quo and garnered my deep respect and admiration. We are far from eliminating homelessness, but with Jackie in the movement, I have hope.

Photo above taken prior to the state mandate on wearing masks in public spaces.
“For as many challenging moments or days that I have, I have an equal number of moments I keep in my back pocket to remind me of the successes and wins I witness among guests or how our team of staff, volunteers, and supporters are able to accomplish meaningful work as a community."

Jackie Lorens Harris
Director, Chicago Lights Social Service Center
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Stacy Jackson
Stacy Jackson
Executive Director
Chicago Lights builds brighter futures for Chicago's youth and adults through supportive relationships and life-changing programs.