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Welcome to New Scale News, your monthly update on micro-mechatronic systems and applications. This month we highlight recent innovations in our custom engineering group with big implications for microsurgery and industrial automation.
New Scale to develop world's smallest commercial hexapod under Phase 1 SBIR grant 
IMAGE_ the new micro hexapod concept
Tiny micro-positioner has applications in retinal microsurgery, robotic end-of-arm tooling, MEMS and photonics micro-manufacturing, and fiber positioning and alignment 

New Scale is developing the world's smallest commercial hexapod under a Phase 1 Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant awarded by the National Eye Institute of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The grant funds development of a clinically-compatible, six-degree-of-freedom (6-DOF) hand-held micromanipulator for hand tremor cancellation in microsurgical systems.  
With its unprecedented small size and submicron precision, a commercialized version of the miniature hexapod has utility beyond microsurgery. Applications include use as a robotic end-effector for testing and manufacture of MEMS and photonics accessories, and positioning and alignment of collimated fibers or assemblies.   Read more
VIDEO_ hexapod motion _animation_
Small, precise electric grippers target automated small-part assembly
IMAGE_ parallel gripper

Small hands for small robots

We are applying our expertise in highly miniaturized motion systems to the problem of end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) for robots in precision small-part assembly. 

We envision "small hands for small robots:" Electric parallel grippers that are small, precise and lightweight with simple electrical connections and no need for pneumatic tubing. 

If you create  small collaborative robots, provide systems integration, or use these systems in your small-part assembly process...  contact us today to participate in the commercialization of this innovative gripper in 2016.    

Standard M3 products expand
Meanwhile we continue to expand production of our standard M3 (Micro Mechatronic Module) product line. Standard M3 modules are in use in medical, industrial and aerospace applications around the world. They are enabling smaller, higher-performance microscopes, diagnostic devices, spectroscopy instruments, laser sources, calibration and vision systems and more.   Browse our standard M3 product line
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New Scale Technologies develops small, precise and smart motion systems for critical adjustments of optics, and many other micro positioning applications. Our simple and elegant solutions deliver best-in-class performance in handheld, portable and mobile instruments for medical, scientific and industrial applications. Our customers benefit from complete, "all-in-one" motion solutions that are tailored to their unique requirements and easily integrated into their next-generation instruments. Contact us.  

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