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  • See Christ Clearly: Social Media Posting
  • Israel Trip Update
  • Souper Bowl of Caring 2020
  • Assistant Minister Schedule Update
  • Altar Flowers and Altar Guild
  • Go-Getters
  • LOMO Camp Song Sunday
  • Youth Group Nerf Night
Baptism of our Lord

In the waters of the Jordan, Jesus is revealed as the beloved Son of God. Through this great epiphany, Jesus fulfills all righteousness and becomes the servant of God who will bring forth justice and be a light to the nations. In the waters of baptism we too are washed by the Word, anointed by the Spirit, and named God’s beloved children. Our baptismal mission is to proclaim good news to all who are oppressed or in need of God’s healing.

The scripture readings for this week include:

AdventELC will be focusing on a theme: Seeing Christ Clearly in 2020. We look to direct our attention and energy in two ways: seeing Christ clearly personally and showing Christ clearly to the world.
T.H.I.N.K. then Post
Words have power. How you post on social media matters to those who follow you. Your posts speak about you, your family, work, politics, community, church, and your faith in our Savior Jesus.

Before you Tweet, Facebook, Pin It, Tumblr It, text it, send photos, or do anything with Social Media make sure you THINK first:

T – is it true?
H – is it helpful?
I – is it inspiring?
N – is it necessary?
K – is it kind?

How does your post help others see Christ clearly?
Many Thanks...
Thank you to all who participated in the Christmas Eve Services. The music was great, the service was awesome and the fellowship was even better! Please know that you are appreciated. Have a blessed New Year!
On behalf of Advent's Staff, thank you for your generous gifts during this Christmas season. The Christmas Purse was very much appreciated and other gifts received were an unexpected surprise. Thank you so much!
Pastor Aaron, Matt, Jean, Mary and Courtney
For those going to Israel
Pastor Layne sent an important email out on Tuesday containing our flight schedule, details of an upcoming special meeting, and an addition to our itinerary.
Souper Bowl of Caring
Advent's teaming up with
Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio
to help put a tackle on hunger!

The Need
In any given week, 207,700 different Ohioans receive emergency food assistance just to get by. All donations of items and monies collected from this outreach go directly to Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio Food Pantries.

How to Participate
During the entire month of January and February 2 (Super/Souper Bowl Sunday) whatever side of the sanctuary you sit on determines which team you are on.

​You'll either be a Lightning Lutheran or a Pugnacious Preacher!
(please sit on the same side all month because if you switch that would be cheating and we might not notice but God will :-)

The Points
For every food item you donate, your team will get one point.
For every dollar you donate your team will get four (4) points.
This is because the LSS can stretch your $1 donation to $4 of buying power!
Each week Pastor Aaron will give you updates on the score via our weekly E-Herald.

The History
For the past three years the Pugnacious Preachers have given much and tried hard, but the Lightning Lutheran's tradition of winning has just been too much. the Preachers made it tough in 2017, but the Lightning Lutherans were quick and right when it came to the half-time game.
Souper Bowl Sunday
On February 2 all are welcome to join in some Souper Bowl fun at 9:45am as we enjoy food and a Family Feud style game with answers the congregation provided by filling out THIS SURVEY!

All of this is to have some fun while gaining those last minute points for your team!
Noteworthy News
Assistant Minister Schedule
An Assistant Minister helps to lead worship and distribute the Eucharist to the congregation on Sunday mornings and other times of worship.

In this article you will find an updated Assistant Minister Schedule. Mary, our Church Administration Assistant, has made the corrections that were brought to her attention.
Please let her know if you are unable to serve on your scheduled day and we will try to find a substitute.
Thanks for all you do for AdventELC!
Altar Flowers
The 2020 Flower Chart is posted above the Usher Stand in the Narthex. This year, the flower price has been raised to $22.00 from the florist. We thank you for your past purchases and ask that you please continue to purchase these flowers that decorate the Altar.
Annual Altar Guild Meeting
The Annual Altar Guild Meeting will be held in the Sanctuary on January 11 at 10:30 a.m. If you are a part of the Altar Guild, please plan to attend this meeting as we discuss some of the changes coming to Altar Guild in 2020.

The January Go-Getter's outing will be held on Wednesday, January 15th @ 6 pm. Location: Joey Chang's Restaurant 3799 Ridge Mill Road, Hilliard 43206. Contact Linda Hunt with any questions at (614)507-6570.
"Every Picture Can
Tell God's Story"

They mark the moments, days, years, and decades of our lives. They commemorate special occasions and everyday events. They record the beauty of the world, as well as things that are not so beautiful. They express the gamut of human emotion. They help us to remember our history as well as the history of those who came before. "They" are photographs. The six sessions of this new study are designed to open your eyes to new ways in which you can be a witness of Jesus using your own personal photographs and experiences.
The first session is scheduled for January 14 at 10:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary. All women of any age are welcome.
Julie Page 614-519-1014
Jane Moore 734-735-1216
LOMO Camp Sunday
Plan to join us on January 26 at both services for CAMP SUNDAY . Jenny Franz from LOMO will be here as our worship leader and to lead us in a contemporary service with a "camp theme." You're invited to wear your flannel to church!
Christmas Family Pictures
With technology these days, most everyone has access to a cell phone and can take pictures. Did you take a family picture at Christmas? If you did, please send a copy of it to Mary at the church office. It will be used to update the photo directory. Thanks!
Snow Angels
UA CARES and the Commission on Aging are seeking volunteers to assist elderly neighbors who need help with snow and ice removal around their home. Call 614-583-5123 to learn more.
Lutheran Services in America tops the charts of
Largest charities in the United States 2019, by total revenue
Lutheran Services in America is, far and away, the largest charity in America. Larger than United Way, the Salvation Army, or the Mayo Clinic.

Thrivent Members
Calling ALL Advent Thrivent members!! You have an opportunity to assist our Worship and Witness Team with our outreach projects. Thrivent allows each member to apply for a yearly grant to support a worthy cause. Please contact Holly Cronau for details.
Nerf Night is THIS Sunday!
On Sunday, January 12 the 6-12 graders will have Youth Night turn into Nerf Night!

Bring your friends and nerf stuff for a totally fun filled evening!

Food, friends, faith, and fun! What more could you ask for?!?
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