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12 February 2019


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You're in the same body if you have the same Head!

That's the simplest answer I've come across when dealing with the tension between unity and truth. (See Harmony Hub for further elaboration.)

Have you ever heard someone say, "It doesn't matter what you believe as long as you're sincere"? It's hard to imagine anyone still making such a statement in a post 9/11 world. 9/11 if it was anything at all was a product of sincere belief. Belief matters. Substance matters. And in fact, rather than unity being in opposition to truth, I believe it's the only ultimate path for growing in truth.

If you have the same Head, Jesus, you're in the same body of Christ. You may disagree on all kinds of things; for certain you'll have different approaches, different passions, different perspectives - that's what it means to be one part of a body.

But there are different bodies, too. If you don't have the same Head, the same Jesus, you're not in the same body, no matter how much you might think you are.

There are other organizations that try to align different bodies. J17 is working to unite the body of Christ FOR a divided world. Our unity is in Christ, through Christ, for Christ, and for a world that hungers for boundary-breaking love.

Dave Drum, Founder
J17 Ministries
New News about
As the name implies, J17 Ministries is all about aligning hearts with Jesus’ heart as expressed in John 17. J17 Ministries is a big idea, but with practical implications in every city.
Welcome to the team in an official staff capacity – Karen Henley !

Karen will be the chief administrator for J17 Ministries, helping lead the effort in producing the weekly newsletter, event management (particularly TMA and Pastor Prayer Summits), and more. You can reach her at karen@j17ministries.org .

Karen brings a wealth of administrative experience, having served as the Program and Project Coordinator for 4Tucson for the last three years. She has a master’s degree of Christian Ministry from Wayland Baptist University, has served on the board for Tucson Refugee Ministry, and along with her husband Colby Henley, is committed to neighborhood transformation in their Rincon Heights neighborhood. Karen and Colby have served on several John 17 Weekends and are all-around amazing people!
Initially, Karen will be helping raise her own salary support in order to carry out this ministry. You can help by clicking HERE and clicking on the Henley salary support from the dropdown menu.
New News about
Your feedback is always welcome simply by replying to this email!

This edition in particular contains several vital new pieces of information:
  • We've added staff! See New News about J17 Ministries.
  • J17 has been asked to handle all the administration for the Pastor Prayer Summits. So we NEED YOUR HELP TODAY. If you're not a pastor, mention it to your pastor.
  • J17 has been asked to handle the administration that 4Tucson used to handle for TMA. So future emails for TMA will be coming through J17 Ministries.

Several ministry events that have been promoted here in the past have new info this time:
  • there's a downloadable flyer for the Biblical theology seminar,
  • there's an info meeting coming up for the 2020 Holy Land/ Oberammergau trip
  • there's a picnic for alumni and interested participants in the John 17 Weekends.

Happy reading!
Harmony Hub
Substantive unity – part 3 of a series

Did Jesus pray for unity or for truth? The answer is yes – and in the very same prayer! In John 17:17, Jesus prays, “Sanctify them by the truth; Your Word is truth.”

Unity and truth belong together. I’m convinced that when we try to separate them, we lose them both. And Christian history is a long sad story of pitting unity and truth against one another. For instance, the truth divides – it divides truth from error. Some well-meaning individuals and networks/denominations have therefore concluded that the best path toward greater unity would be to downplay truth. Soft- pedal the offensive things, and you’ll have greater unity. The problem with that is that you’re left with the best of human intentions – and nothing else. Human intentions typically last until the first stiff breeze! Those who argue for inclusivity and tolerance usually end up excluding those who don’t agree with their principles, thereby violating their own intentions.

On the other hand, those who notice the fallacy of watered-down commitments to be “nice” masquerading as Biblical unity, often veer into the other ditch and become truth warriors. The truth gets parsed down further and further, at some point reaching the proverbial “us four and no more,” until… the foursome breaks up. Truth without a corresponding commitment to unity ends up being more about arrogance and blindspots than Biblical truth.

Biblical unity and Biblical truth are teammates! Gathering regularly with those who worship the same Lord and are in the same body, but who have radically different backgrounds culturally and theologically… is actually how we grow in truth. More and more of our blindspots get revealed, maturity grows, concurrent with growing humility and Christlikeness.

What God has joined together (in this case, unity and truth), let none of us tear asunder!

Harmony Hub Contributor:
Dave Drum, Founder J17 Ministries
Collaboration Corner
CarePortal and Collaboration

CarePortal is the technology platform that connects children and families touched by the Child Welfare System directly to churches and church members who desire to tangibly respond to the charge in Psalm 82:3 , “Defend the poor and fatherless; do justice to the afflicted and needy.”

Since I first heard about CarePortal at the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit in May 2015, the journey has been ALL about collaboration. Here are just some of the amazing ways this has happened:
  1. In March 2015 the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) in Pima County, having heard about the success of “church-school” partnerships, posted a YouTube video asking the church to help them, too. So began a unique collaboration between the state and the church to serve together for the benefit of children and families in our community.
  2. Over the summer of 2015 I collaborated with 4Tucson’s Social Service Domain Director, J. Michael Davis, to cast the vision for churches to work with DCS using the CarePortal platform in order to directly serve families in material ways, as well as giving them emotional and spiritual support. We also provide encouragement to the DCS workers who often struggle to find the help their families need.
  3. We launched CarePortal in Pima County in December 2015 under the leadership of the Global Orphan Project with 19 churches representing a wide variety Christian viewpoints. It is not unusual to see a Baptist, a Methodist, a Catholic and a non-denominational church all working together to serve a family. The network is growing and we now have 43 churches collaborating. Together we have served more then 3,000 children with an estimated economic impact of nearly $1.3 million.
  4. In September 2018 4Tucson agreed to take local leadership for CarePortal, and so the collaboration continues! We continue to look for ways to raise awareness and engage all the different aspects of our community to help.

Many great things have happened over the past 3+ years because people have been willing to work together. And we’ve only just begun...won’t you come join us? Learn more HERE .

Harmony Hub Contributor:
Sue Baird, CarePortal Regional Manager, Pima County
Here are the latest opportunities to strengthen
your faith and connect with the community.
If you are part of an area event promoting unity and collaboration among the citywide
Body of Christ and beyond and would like it included in an upcoming newsletter,
please click HERE to submit your request.
Connections For Everyone
Thursday, February 14
11:30 am - 1 pm
Fountain of Life Lutheran Church
710 S. Kolb Rd. | Map

Kingdom Grit:
Center of Opportunity

Join us for TMA's second meeting of the year! This month we will learn more about the Center of Opportunity , and how this collaborative effort is helping to lift men and women out of poverty. Roy Tullgren, Executive Director of Gospel Rescue Mission shares that, "the Center of Opportunity will provide one location where people can access all the resources they need to become self-sufficient. Housing programs, job skills training, employment services; there will be everything they need to move on in life with a second chance." Each month at TMA we meet together, eat together, learn together, and pray together, asking God to use us – together – to change our city, one issue at a time. Don't miss it!
Saturday,  February 23 | 1 - 3 pm
Murphy Wilmot Library
530 N. Wilmot Rd. Map

Believers and non-believers pray together, study the Bible together, share testimonies of the miracles of God in our lives and the lives of others. We ask questions about the Bible and how it relates to everyday life. Everyone is loved, welcomed and accepted, because the Bible states "you will know them by their love". All children are welcome. Email Dr. Alma Howard-Jones with any questions or for more information.
Thursday-Friday,  Feb. 28 & March 1
GAP Ministries
2816 N. Flowing Wells Rd., Suite 121 Map

This training is for those who work in Foster Care, Educators, Counselors, Social Workers and Parents who are looking for more tools and training to use with students who have suffered trauma. It will give powerful insights and tools into: 
  • how trauma affects the brain.
  • healthy attachment relationships and healing.
  • Love and Logic strategies.
  • healthy boundaries, and so much more!
Friday-Saturday,  March 1-2
Pantano Christian Church
1755 S Houghton Rd . |  Map

This conference is for worship leaders and team members for churches of all sizes with special emphasis on churches of 150 and smaller. There will be general sessions, breakout classes and extended times of worship through music. Tucson Worship Conference exists to Encourage, Equip, and Connect churches in Tucson and the surrounding area.

The dream for TWC started seven years ago when three Tucson area worship pastors started talking about the need to train worship ministries and the high cost of that training. The question was asked, “Why can’t a group of local worship pastors provide an affordable worship conference using local talent and experience?” The obvious answer was, “No reason at all, let’s do it.” A conference was born.

Come be a part of the sixth annual Tucson Worship Conference. It’s a worship conference by local worship leaders for local worship leaders. The registration price includes lunch on Saturday, snacks and resources.
Saturday,  March 2
8:30 am - 12:30 pm
LifePoint Community Church
3137 E. Everett St. | Map

Group's VBS FunShop events offer hands-on training where you’ll learn how to create amazing decorations with step-by-step instructions, experience a “Day at VBS,” network and learn how to plan, coordinate and pull off an amazing VBS event. Learn how to make every second count at VBS. Get practical pointers on all things VBS—including fundraising, volunteer recruiting, decorating, and family follow-up. Get an energizing jump start to your VBS season, and...have fun! Bring all your key leaders! Learn more HERE , including cost and contact details .
Saturday,  March 2 | 1 - 4 pm
Reid Park, Ramada #1
E. 22nd St & S. Country Club Rd. | Map

Have you participated in a John 17 Weekend? Or would you like to learn more about the next weekends coming up? Come out for a fun-filled victory reunion with Christian brothers and sisters from all around the Tucson area! There will be a potluck-style meal (sign up forthcoming). Bring your chairs and blankets to hang out on the lawn around the ramada, enjoy the nearby playground, and plan to fellowship through food, singing, and communion.
Saturday,  March 9 | 9 - 11:30 am
Habitat for Humanity Meeting Hall
3501 N. Mountain Ave. | Map

Is theology relevant to one’s daily walk in Christ or is “theology” just another word for abstract, religious philosophy? In this seminar, we will consider these questions and begin an exploration of how the Bible presents us with the answers. Dana Yentzer, Director of Ministry Resources Institute, and Dave Drum, Founder of J17 Ministries, will lead the conversation, helping apply the theological principles found in the Old and New Testaments to real life issues. In addition, each participant will receive a resource package designed to help them apply biblical theology in their own life. Join us for this exciting opportunity to understand the shape of biblical thought and how to apply it in the world today! Click HERE for a downloadable flyer.
Saturday,  March 23 | 6 pm
The Amphitheater at Reid Park (Bandshell)
S. Country Club Rd. & E. 22nd St.

4Tucson is teaming up with the National Day of Prayer to bring you a quarterly CITYWIDE PRAYER GATHERING! Our first one will be at the Reid Park Bandshell! Don't miss this excellent opportunity to join together with believers all across this city to pray for our city as the unified body of Christ!
Connections for Pastors
Normally 3rd Tuesday of month
Tuesday, February 19
11:30 am - 12:45 pm

Pastors from a variety of backgrounds meet together to pursue racial reconciliation as brothers and sisters in Christ. If you would like to be part of this group and to  confirm the meeting location , please contact Apostle Warren Anderson or Pastor Dan Johnson.
Monday-Wednesday, April 8-10
Mt. Lemmon Community Center
12949 N. Sabino Canyon Parkway

All pastors are invited to this three-day retreat, Tucson's 11th annual three-day pastor prayer summit. No ministry fair booths. No sermons. No advertisements. The main attraction is God Himself. Join us for three days in seeking God in unity, praying for revival and spiritual awakening in our city, and having our tanks filled as we worship and pray.

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! Upfront costs are significant, and some cabins we've used for free are no longer available.
  • If you know someone with a cabin, please let us know.
  • Please either RSVP or register TODAY so we can more accurately guess how many cabins to secure.
Click HERE for more upcoming events.
John 17 Weekends
Team and Participant applications are currently being accepted!
Men's weekend: July 18-21
Women's weekend: July 25-28

Submit your application now and be a part this year's Tucson area Christian discipleship weekend that emphasizes the essentials of the Christian life and walk.
Church of the Week

Passion Church
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Holy Land & Oberammergau
June 1 - 13, 2020
Informational Meeting
& Newsletter

Are you interested in learning more about the Holy Land 2020 trip? Have the news bits posted here been intriguing and you would like to receive regular updates?

There is an informational meeting coming up on February 28, at 7:00 pm at Pantano Christian Church, in Building #1 - Room 10 (upstairs). We would love to have you come and ask any questions you might have!

You can also sign up for the special newsletter that will be dedicated solely to the Holy Land 2020 trip and updates.